Friday, August 13, 2021

The Golden Boy Release Blitz


Title: The Golden Boy
Series: Eastside #1
Author: Shay Mitchel
Genre: MM Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2021



I can’t find the right words to tell him that I’ve never had some one in my bed that was so tuned into reading me. I don’t know how my body communicated…so clearly to him, but boy did he get the message…Mind. Blown.

My life is going pretty well. I have a successful construction company, a beautiful house, and a close-knit extended family. I’ll admit I was sort of looking for that special someone, but I certainly didn’t expect the perfect man to literally fall into my arms. Pete is gorgeous, single, and not put off by my….sizable problem. But when he’s not throwing himself at me, he’s running away. I just want to take care of him, feed him a decent meal, and keep him warm at night. Why won’t he let me?


I’ve never dated. I’ve pursued and conquered, I’ve flirted and entrapped… but I haven’t gone on dates. Gahhh…..the whole process sucks. Why is this so hard?

I’ve failed out of my college classes, I’m about to be homeless, and everyday I walk a fine line between between being fairly functional and completely loosing my shit. When a sexy construction worker comes into my life, he stands out like something shiny and clean next to the dumpster fire that is my existence. He’s kind and gentle and treats me so well it makes me want to roll myself up like a burrito in my comforter and hide from all the feels I get when we’re together. Nick is hot as hell and the chemistry between us is undeniable, but I’m not sure if even his precocious 8 year old niece and a family of ferrets will be able to get me to admit that Nick is exactly what I need.

The Golden Boy is an MM erotic romance with a little bit of an age gap and a lot of heat. There is mention of a non-con event in Pete's back story with reference to specific but non-graphic memories of the event. He also has a history of suicidal ideation and a discussion of this comes up several times. Pete is bisexual and he engages in both MM(often!) and MF(once) pairings. The Golden Boy is the first book in the Eastside series. There is no cliff hanger and it can be read as a stand alone, but Pete and Nick's story continues in the second book in the series, The Unicorn.





I hear him rummaging around in the Sub-Zero. I glance up – and suddenly forget how to breathe. Nick stands with his body, his spectacular naked body, backlit by the open refrigerator. The man is not wearing a stich of clothing, not even socks. Sweat drips down the groove of his spine, so that the sparse hair is matted with moisture, and it begs to be licked. Fucking hell. Uh…Lynn…sorry, but I didn’t complete your data entry today because I couldn’t seem to find a convenient place to set my computer while I was pounding Nick’s ass.
“…kale and oranges…some protein powder…” Nick turns around with a fist full of green stuff and a carton of almond milk, his huge cock swaying between his legs in front of a low-hanging sack.
“…and ginger…do you want one?” Every muscle on his body is swollen and hard, the veins of his arms and neck bulge, the muscles of his abdomen shift as he breathes…oh yeah…breathing…I let out a long exhalation.
“I thought you were…self conscious…” I stutter as I continue to stare.
“Hmm?” He looks down at his sweaty chest, as if he somehow forgot he wasn’t wearing anything. “I guess I’m not around you…sorry.” He gives me a not very sorry grin. “I’m used to living alone. I always hang my sweaty workout stuff in the laundry room. Smoothie?”
I just shake my head, then watch as a bare naked Nick chops and blends and mixes.
“WiFi working okay for you?” He dabs lightly at his forehead with a rag as he leans against the counter and takes a sip of the green sludge in his glass.
“Uh…yeah…fine…” I can’t take my eyes off him, and I don’t even bother trying to hide that my focus is mostly between his legs. Even completely unaroused, he’s huge. He tips back his head to take another slug of his smoothie, arching against the counter, braced on one arm with the triceps muscle perfectly outlined, hips pushing forward…fuck me.
“I’m going to take a shower. I’ll be back.”
The fuck you will, I think, I’m coming to you.


Shay is a romance and erotica writer who lives in the metro Detroit area. They write very early in the morning with a cup of coffee, or late in the evening with a margarita, either time you would most often find Shay trying to type around a cat. When not serving the feline members of the household, Shay will most likely be found outside enjoying Michigan's four seasons (which sometimes occur all within the same 24 hour period) and making voice recordings of all the dirty thoughts that pop up at random times. Shay is a sucker for coconut ice cream, blue eyes, and muscles.


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