Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Between Takes Release Blitz


Title: Between Takes
Series: Kings of Screen #1
Author: Morgana Bevan
Genre: Movie Star Romance
Release Date: August 17, 2021


A new beginning. A career in flames. A chance at a happy ending?

MONA'S stuck in a directionless rut. She hates her job. Her family moved out of Edinburgh. Now time is passing her by, and she’s desperate to do something with her life.

When Shaun Martin’s agent calls with an urgent, uproot-everything-and-move-down-the-country job offer, Mona takes it without a second thought. For the chance to start over, she can easily whip TV’s fallen golden boy into shape. Really, how hard can it be?

SHAUN MARTIN was the award-winning star everyone loved—every studio wanted him. But one devastating breakup, and now he’s the guy who smashed a million-dollar stunt car because a girl dumped him. He’s spiralling out of control, and if he doesn’t shape up soon, his haunted past will destroy the one thing he loves.

Then Mona knocks on his door. Shaun finds her feisty attitude irritating—and sexy. She’s a force of nature that tests him and makes him re-examine his life. Will she be the salvation he needs?

Between Takes is a full length steamy movie star, boss-assistant romance. It is the first book in the Kings of Screen series.




A small voice in the back of my mind reminded me that my sweaty body was plastered against my boss. I shushed it, content to drown in his green eyes. So what if it was inappropriate? He caught me. I didn’t instigate anything.

His head lowered and, ignoring the tiny grain of self-control I still possessed, I licked my lips. His hot eyes dropped to my mouth and mine followed. His breath tickled my face, tempting and taunting me.

Shaun smirked. “If you wanted me to hold you, you could have just asked,” he muttered, our noses almost touching.

His words jolted me from the spell his concern had woven and reality set in. My body stiffened against his hold while my mind went on the defensive. A second longer and I might have taken matters into my own hands and kissed him.

“Thank you for the save, but you can put me down now.”


Morgana Bevan is a sucker for a rock star romance, particularly if it involves a soul-destroying breakup or strangers waking up in Vegas. She’s a contemporary romance author based in Wales. When Morgana’s not writing steamy rock star and movie star romances, she’s working in TV production in the UK.

She enjoys travelling, attending gigs, and trying out the extreme activities she forces on her characters (see Instagram for evidence!).


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