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Super Beast Book Blitz #Giveaway


Monster Hunter for Hire: Super Beast
L. West
Publication date: September 18th 2021
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

After a run-in with the Sebring Beach police department where a vampire’s servant ended up dead, Helena Graves is offered two choices – help the local PD chase down wanted monsters or spend the next ten years in prison.

Since she has a teenage daughter to raise, it was an easy decision for her to make.

Between running a somewhat controversial business, tense teacher conferences, and killer supernaturals on the loose, there’s never a dull moment in Sebring Beach or Helena’s life.

And for the first time in decades, her love life is about to get very interesting.

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Grab the first story of this series,
Monster Hunter for Hire: Filthy Creatures,
for FREE!


“Someone in your pack is rabid?” Henry asks, his face and Amos’s both equally horrified.

“Yes,” I answer for Calvin when he turns away to wipe his damp face with the collar of his tee.

“Is the pack going to put him down?” Amos questions Calvin, who shakes his head. “Why the hell not?” he grumbles.

“We voted on it, and almost everyone said no, to leave it up to someone else. Right or wrong, whoever ends his life will be shunned in the pack by the rest of the wolves. They may as well put the gun to their head when it’s over!”

Henry is already shaking his head when he gets to his feet. “No, Lena!” I take a step back as he comes closer. Frowning after I retreated from him, he stops advancing. “You have to let someone else go after the wolf!”

“I didn’t take the job,” I assure him. “His parents came to me tonight. They want me to track him down so they can see if the vaccine is working.”

“Nothing will save him now, not even a vaccine,” Amos says gravely. “Sorry, Calvin, but a quick death is the best the wolves can hope for now. That’s the only option before he infects other shifters and starts killing humans.”

“You’re sure?” I ask him.

“Yes!” Henry and Amos both adamantly agree.

“Well, who is going to be able to handle taking on something like this?” I ask the shifters. “The police sure as hell can’t.”

“I honestly don’t know,” Henry replies, hands on his hips in thought, drawing my attention to the scratches again. “Maybe I can talk to my dad about getting a bounty hunter from out of town to come in and track him. It’ll need to be a sniper, though, someone who doesn’t have to get close to kill him.”

I wince as I glance over at the still-pale Calvin, who walks out of the locker room without another word.

“You guys could be a little more sympathetic around him,” I tell the alphas as I start to back away. “What if it was someone in your pride, Henry, or your sleuth, Amos?”

“Sorry, Helena,” Amos mutters.

“Yeah, I’m sorry too, Lena,” Henry agrees. “But this isn’t your problem. The shifters will handle it. A rabid wolf would tear you into pieces, sweetheart.”

Author Bio:

L. West is the pseudonym of husband and wife writing duo, Lane Hart and D.B. West.

They're excited to invite you into their supernatural world in the new Monster Hunter for Hire series!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook

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Beneath the Destiny Stone Book Blitz #Giveaway

Beneath the Destiny Stone
Sarah Charles
Publication date: September 6th 2021
Genres: Adult, Time- Travel

A medieval Scottish blacksmith and a millennial from Detroit walk into a bar…

By the age of six, Fiona could sink a bank shot.

By eight she could mix a perfect Manhattan.

By twenty-two, she had a business degree and a concrete plan to save her grandfather’s failing bar.

Then she was pushed through a time-portal.

Now Fiona is stuck in fourteenth-century Scotland with no way home. There’s a good chance time-soldiers are after her. And Henry, the guy she’s shacked up with, is a grumpy son- of-a-bitch who doesn’t get her at all.

He is hot, though.

And brave.

And most definitely the love of her life.

If the two of them can stop bickering long enough, Fiona just might be able to have it all—the tavern of her dreams and the first man who can actually keep up with her. That is, if they can survive the battles, murder, and mayhem of the Middle Ages and the time-soldiers who have a hand in it all.

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**10% of book sale profits and 100% book merchandise profits go to The Three Penny Project, Sarah’s charity working to plant food-bearing, perennial plants throughout Toledo!


My granda once met the devil himself.

At least, that was the story he was telling his friends. They sat at their usual corner table of the Caledonia Club—Old John, William, Robert, and Granda. Above them, an olive-green lamp illuminated a haze of cigar smoke and dust motes. A Scottish flag hung behind their heads, and on a pedestal in the corner sat a bust of Robert Burns, there to remind them what becomes of the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men.

His voice carried across the club to my spot behind the bar, and I smiled to myself. Of all Granda’s stories, I loved this one most.

“There I was, storming the shores of Normandy, gunfire blazing on all sides.” He paused for dramatic effect. “But it wasna the bullets I feared. Nay. It was the man standing before me with fire in his eyes.” He stared each of his friends in the eye. “Auld Clootie.”

Jones, the Caledonia Club’s shift manager and sometimes cook, laughed beside me as he counted out cash for the till. “What the fuck is a clootie?”

I gave the bar a final wipe and tossed the rag into sanitizing solution. “It’s a Scottish thing. They don’t like to say devil, so they’ve got a bunch of nicknames for him.”

Jones smirked. “You sure they’re not talking about their Depends? I bet John’s wearing an old clootie right now.”

I laughed despite myself. “Don’t start. It’s already bad enough I have to deal with that lot.”

As if to punctuate my point, William knocked over his drink, and the rest of the table hooted and hollered.

Jones jotted down the register balance in an old-fashioned paper ledger and bumped the drawer closed with his hip. He raised an eyebrow. “You sure you want to do this now?”

I glanced at the old men and sighed. “Better now than after they’ve cashed that bottle of Glen Livet.”

He put a hand to my shoulder. “I have complete and utter faith in you. You’ve got this!” He yanked his phone from his pocket. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to check out some job sites for completely unrelated reasons…”

I flicked him in the forehead and snickered. “Dick.” He handed me the ledger, and I headed from the bar to join the old men.

“…so, I shot off his horns and shamed him back to hell,” Granda finished with a grin. The old men laughed and nodded in approval.

“It takes bigger stones than Auld Clootie’s to take on a Highlander,” said Old John.

“Aye. Aye. True enough.” William nodded.

I pulled a chair from a neighboring table and squeezed in next to Granda. He flashed me a wide grin. “Ah, Fiona, love. I was just tellin’ the lads about the time—”

I gave him a quick peck on the forehead. “I heard you, Granda.”

He patted my cheek. “Such a bonnie lass.” He beamed at his friends. “Isna my granddaughter the bonniest lass ye’ve ever seen?”

Robert raised his glass in salute. “Stunning.”

William winked. “Like a young Audrey Hepburn.”

I rolled my eyes. Sure, I looked exactly like Audrey Hepburn, except for my face full of freckles and head full of curls. I supposed we were both brunettes, though, so there was that.

“Oi, Poof.” Old John waved an empty whisky bottle at Jones. “We need another.”

I grimaced at John’s words snatched the bottle from his hand. “What did I tell you?”

His brows crinkled. “What? I just said—”

I glared down the bridge of my nose at him. “Do I have to call your wife and make her come get your old homophobic ass?”

Jones sauntered to the table with a fresh bottle. “It’s all right. We all know why he likes to suck on them cigars all day.” He winked at Old John and set the bottle in front of him.

Everybody burst out laughing, except for Old John who flushed purple. I slid the ledger in front of Granda.

He held it at arm’s length and squinted at the numbers. “What am I lookin’ at?”

I gnawed on my cheek. “We didn’t break even this month.”

He gave a half-hearted shrug. “Aye, well…business’ll pick up.”

I took a deep breath. “No, it won’t. We have three customers, and they’re all at this table.”

William lit a cigar. “Aye, but Robert drinks as much as five men.”

“Used to say the same o’ your mum,” Robert shot back, and the old men cackled.

I looked Granda in the eye. “We need to bring in a younger crowd.”

“How should we do that? Turn the place into a disco?” Granda gestured around the empty bar. “Bring in a few go-go dancers?” The old men laughed.

I narrowed my eyes. “Be serious.”

Author Bio:

Sarah Charles is the author of Beneath the Destiny Stone, a book she wrote to keep from going insane while recovering from a spinal injury. (It mostly worked). A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Sarah graduated suma cum laude with degrees in Psychology and German. Since then, she’s worked in the mental health field, owned a custom cake business, and given birth to three future super villains. She currently spends her days writing and working to bring food forests to Toledo through her charity The Three Penny Project. In her rare moments of free-time, Sarah dabbles in all things craftsy. She particularly enjoys wood-burning, rehabilitating old furniture, gardening, baking, and playing with clay.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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RELEASE BLITZ - Stuck with the Billionaire


Title: Stuck with the Billionaire
Author: Georgia Coffman
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 16, 2021


As a billionaire, philanthropist, and the life of every party, I work hard and play harder—which occasionally gets me into trouble.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t the soon-to-be CEO of my family’s company. In order to appease my concerned parents, I agree to leave Manhattan and hide out until the media frenzy surrounding my latest mishap settles down.

Which is how I end up in a cabin in the woods with my best friend’s gorgeous little sister on her birthday.

I’m definitely not the gift Tessa’s expecting. We’ve never met before, but it’s clear she’s formed an opinion of me based on my playboy reputation—and it’s not a good one.

But we’re stuck here together.

At first, all we do is bicker, and it’s easy for me to remember all the reasons I shouldn’t touch her. But the more I get to know her, I’m surprised by how real and funny she is beneath her spunky exterior. Did I mention the woman can bake too?

Keeping my hands to myself becomes more torturous than my exile.

After all, having fun is what I’m good at. How can I resist showing her how to live a little?



Free in Kindle Unlimited


“This is how we’re going to play it for the next week? Seems a bit immature. But wait, that can’t be right. You’re the grown-up between the two of us, no?” I lean forward, resting my elbows on my knees, my lips twitching.
Tessa stiffens and spins on her tiptoes like a ballerina until she faces me. “I’m going to my room to read quietly while we wait for your babysitter. Because unlike you, I can take care of myself without needing someone to slap my wrist and handle my problems for me.”
I run my fingers over my knuckles, glaring back at her as I steady my voice. She knows how to hold her own, that’s for sure.
And I respect that.
Even though I’m the one she’s lashing out on.
“So, while you chew on what I’m sure will be a witty and intelligent comeback, I’ll be in my room reading the swoony heroes of Nora Roberts’s creation.”
“Ah, might they be the perfect men you referred to this morning? The ones who don’t exist?” I ask, my voice low and laced with so much amusement I can hardly contain myself. I run my knuckle across my bottom lip, suppressing a grin, and her gaze falls there, following my movement.
Her eyes flash back up to meet mine. “I don’t need to explain myself to you.”
“No, but you’re still telling me plenty.” I wink.
Roughly exhaling, she whirls around so hard, she almost spills her drink. The slam of her door makes me jump in my spot, and I finally let my laugh loose.
I’ve been here for less than an hour, and already, my best friend’s little sister is most certainly making my visit interesting.


Georgia Coffman is a contemporary romance author with a Master’s in Professional Writing. She loves all things books, the TV show Friends, and jumpsuits. When she’s not reading, writing, or daydreaming, she and her husband enjoy working out and playing with their two pups.


Greaser Release Blitz


Title: Greaser
Series: Soulless Kings MC #4
Author: Andi Rhodes
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2021


The Soulless Kings are my family, my life. I would die for them, bleed for them, kill for them. Patched members, prospects, blood relatives… they all have my loyalty, no questions asked. What I won’t do is tolerate lies, no matter who they come from.

Until I catch a brother in one.

Danger shows up at our doorstep and I find myself reevaluating my boundaries. I don’t have a choice. It could mean the difference between life and death for the woman who’s done the impossible: risen from the dead.

People don’t come back from the dead. It’s impossible, yet it’s exactly what I’m doing. For twelve years, I ceased to exist. My family, my friends, the world thought I was gone forever. I was a statistic, a faceless number among millions. But I’m back and I need to be seen, to be heard, to be remembered.

My escape isn’t planned. It happens fast but I don’t look back. Not until I’m forced to. I manage to track down the one person who will recognize me, my twin. Looking at me should be like looking in a mirror. The problem is, his new family doesn’t know I exist and they don’t take kindly to lies or strangers.

And I represent both.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


“Answer me,” he barks.
My shoulders tense and heat burns through every cell of my body. “Why? Will my answer change anything?” I ask, years of anger and frustration taking over.
“At least you’re honest,” I mumble as I rest my head on my forearms.
“Which is more than I can say for you.”
I lift my head and glare toward the door. I have no idea if this asshole can see me or not, but I’m past caring. I want to get the hell out of here. I want to go home.
You don’t have a home, remember?
“So, if you’re Trainwreck’s sister, tell me something about him.”
I narrow my eyes into the darkness. He’s mentioned this Trainwreck a few times, mostly during his earlier phone call, and I have no clue who he’s talking about. How am I supposed to tell him something about a person I don’t know?
“I don’t know who Trainwreck is. I’m here for Tyler,” I answer honestly. Not that he’ll believe me.
Surprisingly, he doesn’t respond, but the lights turn on and the door swings open. I blink several times so my eyes can adjust to the sudden change. He stomps toward me with a cell phone in his hand.
He bends down and shoves the screen in my face. “This is Trainwreck.”
I look at the picture, and for the first time since I met this man at the gate, I feel a sense of hope flair.
The picture is of Tyler—Trainwreck—and there are half naked women hanging on him. The photo is dark, but I can make out his face… my face.
“That’s Tyler,” I whisper.
He turns the phone to look at the picture and his eyes dart back and forth between it and me. Finally, he sighs.
“You don’t see it, do you?” I ask.
“See what?”
“The resemblance.” I relax my posture. My muscles ache from tension and I no longer have the strength to remain tied in knots. “I can’t believe…” I shake my head and start over. “There is no way you don’t see that we’re siblings.”
“Why not?” He shrugs. “Plenty of people have similar looks and don’t have blood in common.”
“True,” I concede. Lots of people thought I looked like Ma and Pa, but we weren’t related at all. “But we have more than blood between us. We’re twins, you idiot.”
“Bullshit!” he shouts as he rises to his full height.
“Get him here and you’ll see.”
He runs his fingers through his hair and begins to pace. I watch him go back and forth several times before I stand up as well.
“If this Trainwreck is someone you know, call him,” I demand. “Call him and let me talk to him. He’ll tell you I am who I say I am.”
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because he’s busy.”
“Too busy to come see his twin sister?”
He only nods and I heave a sigh.
“Then take me to him.”
He stops pacing in front of me and pushes me back against the wall. He braces his hands on either side of my head and leans in close.
“You’re pretty ballsy all of a sudden,” he snarls.
I try to avert my eyes, but he grips my chin and holds my head in place.
“If you’re his sister, how come we didn’t know about you?”
The question hurts. It sends an arrow through my heart, piercing yet another hole in the already shredded organ. My eyes burn as tears well up and I try, unsuccessfully, to blink them away.
Images assault my mind. News reports I managed to catch when Ma and Pa permitted me to watch TV flash, one after the other. Phrases like ‘Search called off for missing girl’ and ‘Family has daughter declared dead’ stick in my brain, taunting me, terrorizing me.
“Probably…” The words catch, unable to force their way out.
I swallow past the lump in my throat and lock eyes with him.
“Probably because he thinks I’m dead.”



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing November 4



Andi is an MC romance author who started her journey when her career in social work was no longer her passion. Her books are sassy and suspenseful with a heavy dose of chaos and are guaranteed to deliver an HEA and all the feels. She loves writing about alpha males and the women who tame them. When she’s not writing, Andi is an avid reader of the romance genre and prefers books that teeter on the edge of decent. She also loves spending time with her husband and their pack of dogs. For access to release info, updates, and exclusive content, be sure to sign up for Andi’s newsletter at, where you will also find links for Facebook and Instagram.


Thursday, September 16, 2021

COVER REVEAL - Unholy Craving


Title: Unholy Craving
Series: Sinful Natures #1
Author: Lynn Burke
Genre: MM Forbidden Romance
Cover Creator: Golden Czermak, Furious Fotog
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Release Date: November 16, 2021


As a newly appointed youth pastor, I blindly walk by faith, stumbling without the promised light down God’s chosen path.

Until a young man resurrects the sinful nature I’ve rejected in my strive for purity.

Isaac Van Dusen, my pastor’s son.

He’s troubled. Rebellious. Off limits to my lonely heart, yet gives me breath when I feel I’m drowning and in need of a savior.

Isaac’s hunger for sin rivals mine, the kind that consumes.

Burns like fire and brimstone.

I’m determined to stay in a constant state of prayer, begging for delivery from temptation—all while dreaming of being on my knees for entirely different reasons.

I want to submit to the unholy craving between us and worship the young man entrusted to my spiritual care.

But acting on the lusts of the flesh ensures our fall from grace, and I can’t allow him to be the second one to pay the price for my sins.

Even if it means living a lie for eternity.



“Isaac!” Pastor Bram hollered up the stairs, his booming voice bringing my thoughts back from the path leading to darkness.
Footsteps sounded from the second floor, heavier as they approached the landing above us.
“Gird your loins,” Pastor Bram quietly stated, his own face frowning with trouble. “I warned him to behave, but he’s been his usual moody self since getting home from school. Perhaps it’s best if I leave you to it.”
I nodded, trusting his judgement.
Pastor Bram clasped my shoulder and moved toward the kitchen behind me, and I put on a casual, unintimidating smile.
Seventeen-year-old Isaac, the troubled senior in high school.
The pastor’s son who wore old black Vans and jeans with enough holes to act as an air conditioner.
He’d inherited his mother’s dark hair, I noted as he descended the stairs farther. His smooth jawline and pouty lips in profile made my groin tighten.
Lord, help me…
My lungs stalled out, smile fading as Isaac reached the first floor and turned to greet me.
Our gazes met and held—and I froze, unable to tear my focus off the depths of his hazel eyes similar to his dad’s. Except these were pained and filled with wisdom for one so young.
He had the same pale, smooth skin of his Korean mother.
Stunningly beautiful.
A temptation to my baser instincts, the lure of sin I fought on a daily basis.
“So you’re my dad’s answer to prayer.” He stuck out his hand, continuing to hold my stare. The huskiness in his voice, his sarcastic tone attempted to bring life to my neglected dick.
“I’m just a man like any other,” I managed to choke out while clasping his hand. Fire raced across my palm and up my arm—ten times more attraction than any I’d felt for anyone in my twenty-six years.
Isaac took a quick glance down over my body before returning my steady gaze. “Just a man, my ass.” His quiet murmur barely reached my ears, but his eyes stated a hell of a lot more—and heated me clear through to the marrow.
I yanked my hand away from his as though he’d scorched my flesh, bone-deep.
God, what trouble have you brought me into?
His unlit path hadn’t guided me to a new beginning, a home of hope like I’d asked Him for.
He had led me straight into temptation.
I prayed He would deliver me from evil.


Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of hot romance books. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

Shane Cover Reveal


Title: SHANE
Series: Evil Dead MC #12
Author: Nicole James
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Romance
Cover Design: Lori Jackson
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Zach Altand
Release Date: September 30, 2021



I live at the end of this dark, deserted, dead-end street for a reason.
I don't like neighbors, and I'm not into kids. So I'm pissed to learn the vacant house across the street just got rented.

When a child comes snooping around my house, I'm forced to do the last thing I want to do--meet my new neighbor. When I go to return the kid to her side of the street, I come face-to-face with one pissed off mama bear and the hottest chick I've ever laid eyes on--and that's saying a lot.

Suddenly I'm all about being neighborly; the only problem is she wants nothing to do with me or my MC life.

Can I blame her?

Guess I'll just have to change her mind.

When problems start piling up at the club, I can't help wondering if she's to blame. I've never had a woman twist me in knots like this one.

My life is simple and uncomplicated--I live for my club.

I have a feeling she's going to complicate everything.


When I see the motorcycles pull in across the street, I suddenly realize why this rental house was so cheap and the leasing agent so eager to unload it.

But when you're running for your life, a dead-end street with few neighbors sounds perfect.

One look at the badass biker next door is all it takes for me to know I want nothing to do with trouble like him.

He's the worst kind of dangerous--a man built like a Chippendale dancer who radiates confidence and fearlessness. I'm sure there's not a situation he couldn't handle or a room he wouldn't own just by walking through the door.

He's the kind of man men fear and women want to tame---the kind of man my mother warned me about.

I've got secrets, and he wants to know every one of them.

I have a feeling he's going to complicate everything.





All free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing November 18



Nicole James is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who loves writing about hot alpha men who'll do anything for the women they love! Her stories are filled with struggle, conflict and real human emotion. She is the author of the Evil Dead MC series, the Brothers Ink Tattoo series and more.

Nicole loves to hear from her readers! You can contact her via e-mail, her website contact form or on her social media accounts.


Time-Lapse Book Blitz Giveaway


JB Heller
(Moments, #1)
Publication date: September 16th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She is my biggest mistake and greatest regret…

I shouldn’t have let her in.
But she got under my skin and branded herself on my soul.
She gave me her light, her passion, her fire.
And I took it knowing I was going to leave her, and never come back.

I never thought I’d see her again.
But there she is, standing in front of me after five long years.
My biggest mistake and my only regret.
I thought leaving her was the hardest thing I’d ever do.
But that’s nothing compared to what it’ll take to win her back.

Goodreads / Amazon


The uncertainty in Eliza’s gaze made me feel like a fucking asshole. I’d done that. I’d dimmed the sparkle in her eyes that was there this morning as she sang into her hairbrush. I had to fix it, and I had to keep my distance. But I didn’t know how to do both.

I’d grinned and sent her a wink, and thanked God when her smile emerged. Her real smile. Seeing it lifted the weight that had settled on my shoulders the moment I realized I had to keep a distance between us.

I want her—there’s no doubt about that in my mind. But I also know if I let myself get too much closer, it will only make it that much harder for me to leave.

If anyone had asked me a few weeks ago if anything could keep me here, I’d have said hell no. But I’m beginning to doubt that. And I can’t. This has always been my plan, I can’t deviate now. No matter how much she makes me want to.

I’m walking down the embankment to my tree when something shoves into my back, making me stumble forward and almost lose my footing. I swing around, ready to give the person a piece of my mind, but I come face-to-face with a head of messy brown waves. My fingers instantly itch to push her hair away from her pretty face.

A coy smile lifts her lips. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I tripped over my own feet.”

I haven’t got a clue what she’s doing, but I play along. “Yeah, well, watch it next time,” I smirk.

Her eyes sparkle with mischief. “Trust me, I wouldn’t touch you by choice.”

My brows jump, and I close in on her. “Oh, really?” I watch her chest rise and fall with her excited breaths. “You should be so lucky.”

Eliza licks her lips quickly. “Oh, honey, you actually think a girl like me would be lucky to have you? That’s cute.”

I narrow my eyes on her. “Any girl would be lucky to get with me. If only you knew what I could do to you. To that prim-and-proper exterior you parade around with.” I step so close our chests are nearly touching. I drop my mouth and whisper in her ear, “I’d love to mess up that queen bee persona you’ve got going on, but you couldn’t handle me, princess.”

Then I leave her standing there, glaring, panting, and looking so damn hot I want to drag her back to her car so I can fuck that look right off her face.

She is clearly turned on right now, and knowing that I got her so worked up with nothing but my words … I shake my head and blow out a big breath, I’m in so much fucking trouble with this girl.

Author Bio:

JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife and Mumma in her early 30’s. She lives on a mini farm with her family and a few cows, Eclectus parrots, cats, fish, dogs, and a butt load of chickens. It's JB's dream to one day add a llama to the mix and an alpaca or two. Oh and some mini goats.

She writes across several genres including Rom Com, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense. You can always expect a healthy dose of heat, intrigue, and wit in her stories.

Monday to Friday you can find JB glued to her laptop weaving words or cruising Pinterest for her next potential muse. Come the weekend, it's family time. (And of course lots of reading and Netflix binges.)

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub / Newsletter

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