Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Discovering Mr. X Release Blitz


Title: Discovering Mr. X
Series: Men #2
Author: Elle Nicoll
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2021


Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never sold their worn panties.

Selling every pair to an anonymous buyer whilst working as a long-haul flight attendant means my lifelong dream is in reach.
A home to call my own.
It’s so close I can almost feel that front door key in my hand.
Until a giant ego in an overpriced suit steals that dream.
He’s smug, cocky, infuriating…
everything I hate.
I do what I must.
I declare war.
But no one ever truly wins on the battlefield.
There will be casualties.
He believes he has me.
I think I know him.
We are both wrong.

It soon becomes clear that discovering who we are to each other isn’t as straightforward as X marks the spot.



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I don’t know how long we’ve been dancing before I become aware of eyes on me. I can feel their heat burning my skin. I spin as I dance next to Megan, searching for where they’re coming from.
That’s when I see him.
Dark eyes burning into my skin, his hand running through his dark, wavy hair.
Mr. Wanker from the auction.
Oh hell, you picked the wrong club tonight, asshole.
Megan’s eyes follow mine to see what I’m looking at. When she sees, they widen and come back to my face.
“Rachel… don’t.”
But I’m already striding off the dancefloor towards him. His smug face is still watching me, his eyes never leaving mine.
He’s asking for it.
Game on, Wanker.
He stands up as I reach the booth he’s in with his friends. A look of amusement plays across his face—an exceptionally smooth, masculine face complete with dark, chocolate-colored eyes. I watch him run a hand through his dark, wavy hair again. I scowl as I give him a quick glance over. Designer shoes and jeans, smart shirt rolled up at the sleeves, expensive watch. Yep, he’s definitely some kind of smarmy property tycoon with more money than morals.
Now I’m right in front of him. He towers over me in height, despite my heels. I can feel my anger rising in my chest. This guy, this stupid, selfish moron, stole my house from me! I’m literally shaking with rage as I glare at him, and he’s not even flustered.
“You!” I hiss through gritted teeth as I glare up at him.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Elle Nicoll is a British, ex long-haul flight attendant and mum of two.

She writes sweet, but dirty, contemporary romance novels, all based around love.

Not all the men she writes will be rich alphas. Not all the women will be sassy. Just like we are all different, they will be too.

But she hopes they will feel real. Flawed, insecure, broken maybe. But also warm, considerate and loyal. Any elements that you think of when you consider the people you know.

Because no one is perfect.

When Elle isn't writing or falling for another new book boyfriend she is trying to look like a parent who knows what they're actually doing. That, or staring at the sky day-dreaming and running another book idea by her husband, who has perfected his 'listening with interest' face.

It means the world to Elle that you're considering reading her stories, and she loves to hear from readers.

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