Friday, August 13, 2021

In Death I Live Cover Reveal


Title: In Death I Live
Author: Lindsay Becs
Genre: Dark Reverse Harem Romance
Cover Design: Books and Moods Design
Release Date: September 17, 2021


I’ve died several deaths over the years. Each time another piece of my soul destroyed, leaving me emptier than the time before. I came to accept that fact, knowing death—true death—would descend on me sooner rather than later.

I thought I ran away from the devil—the man who’s ruled my life—for the last time, but he found me anyway. Sculpting me once more into the good girl he needs for his bidding. Forcing me to live with strangers to learn their secrets, knowing that they’re evil, like him. But I’ll go willingly to protect the one person I love.

But these men? These so-called demons? I’m not convinced they’re like him at all. If they truly are, it’s only because they were fallen angels forced to serve a devil of their own.

If I’m right, then maybe we can all crawl out of this hell of a life together and live after all.

Now, the only question that remains is: which side is the lesser of two evils?




“What is that?” I ask, still trying to make out what’s ahead of us. It’s a blurred object. He slows down more than he already has with the fierce rain falling, and as we inch closer, I can tell it’s a person walking along the road. “Why the fuck is someone walking that close to the road at night in this weather?”
“I don’t know,” he muses. The closer we get, the smaller the figure seems rather than larger. The closer we get, I can tell it’s a girl walking. She’s barely covered in only a T-shirt. No pants. No shoes.
“Pull over,” I tell him, and as soon as he slows enough, I jump out to run to the girl. “Hey!” I call out, but she just keeps stumbling ahead, not looking back, like she can’t hear me. Maybe she can’t through the loud storm roaring around us. “Hey! Are you okay?” I try again but nothing.
I swallow down everything inside telling me to leave her alone as I get closer to her. With each step I take toward her, the more I see. Blood dripping down her legs. And even though her shirt is soaked, I can tell it’s stained red.
Tentatively, I reach out to put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey, you alright?” I ask again.
She stops, and I nearly walk into her. Slowly, her head turns to look back at me. To where my hand is touching her. She looks lost. Frozen. Unaware and zoned the fuck out. It’s eerie seeing someone with a dead look like that in their eyes. Her face looks like she was beaten to a pulp with a swollen cheek, busted lip and black eye that’s almost completely shut. Her teeth chatter from the cold of the rain, and I wonder where she came from and what the hell happened to her.
But then I think that I can’t care. It’s not my business, and I should turn around and get back into the car with Dominic.
Except I can’t.
There’s something in her dead eyes that is pulling me in, and I feel a need to protect her. Because she isn’t dead. She’s fighting to live.


Lindsay Becs has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and a fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published her first book in 2017. Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing. Tragically beautiful love stories are what she enjoys writing most, but who knows what the future will hold.
Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, and never goes far without coffee first. She wishes fall lasted all year long, and peanut M&M’s are her writing fuel. She is from the Buckeye state of Ohio but is privileged to have lived all over the world with her military husband, their three crazies, and nine-year-old puppy.


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