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Title: Until Selma
A Happily Ever Alpha World Novel
Author: Harley Stone
Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2021


Fresh out of the Army, Tavonte Jones is home on a mission to rescue his teen sister from a narcissistic creep. Running into his high school crush was the last thing on his mind, but now that he’s seen her, he’s determined to make Selma his.

Resigned to live vicariously through romance novels, Selma Black has all but given up on finding her own happily ever after when an old classmate returns, looking like a fantasy come to life and offering everything she's ever wanted.

As circumstances get complicated and dangerous, Tavonte must keep his family safe and convince the girl he’s always wanted that their real-life romance will have the perfect storybook ending.

A Dead Presidents MC crossover.

Until Selma is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds' Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until December, then you will want to read Until Selma.



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International bestselling author Harley Stone is a lover of animals, books, dark chocolate, and red wine. She's always up for a good adventure (real or fictional), and when she's not building imaginary worlds, she's dipping her toes into reality in southwest Washington with her husband and their boys.



Aurora Rose Reynolds and her husband, Sedaka Reynolds, created Boom Factory Publishing to use their experiences to expand and promote upcoming and existing indie authors. 

With over five years in the industry, and millions of books sold worldwide, we know what it takes to become a successful author and we will use this knowledge to take our authors to the next level. 

“As a successful hybrid author in this ever evolving industry, I know that you’re only as successful as the team that is promoting you!” – Aurora Rose Reynolds


Until Retribution Release Blitz


Title: Until Retribution Burns
Series: Beauty in Lies #3
Author: Adelaide Forrest
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2021



Our love was born in lies.

Mi reina captivated me. She burned me and claimed me as hers. I thought I’d be the one to own her, but there is no mistaking her claim on my soul.
When our lives burn to ash around us, our love will be strong enough to withstand the flames. Because the alternative is losing someone I won’t ever let go.
My wife.


Our love was born in blood.

El Diablo deceived me. He took me and marked me as his. He desecrated my soul, turning me into a nightmare to match the sins staining his own.
With the flames of our pasts consuming everything around us, our love is our only chance to find salvation. But his search for answers may come at a price I’m not willing to pay.
My love.

Until Retribution Burns is the third of four books in the Beauty in Lies trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion.



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My arms pumped with the desperation consuming me. A glance over my shoulder as I threw open the French door showed Rafael brutally shoving his cousin to the side to get past him. The breath froze in my lungs as I moved, my chest unnaturally tight as I ran.
The view of the shed up ahead in the distance served as a cruel reminder of all the ways Rafe had ruined me.
He’d taken an innocent girl who’d survived his father’s wrath and done what he’d failed to do. He killed her—turned her into a phantom of his own making.
A murderer.
Even wanting nothing to do with that shed and the recent memory that threatened to slow me down, I turned my back on the docks and sprinted in its direction up the driveway. Closer to civilization and escape, even knowing in my heart that the flight was pointless.
I stumbled, my heel tilting to the side as I traversed the slight incline with ragged breaths. The roll of my ankle shot pain up my leg, a whimper escaping my throat as I looked behind me. Rafael was quickly closing the distance between us, his face twisted into a murderous expression as he ate up the head start his cousin’s interference had provided me.
“Isa, stop,” he ordered, his low and impossible quiet voice traveling through the air. The sound shouldn’t have reached me, but something in that command felt like I would hear it anywhere. No matter where in the world I was, no matter where he was, the instinctive desire to submit to his will overwhelmed me.
Only the panic coursing through my veins drove me to keep moving, to stumble along the path with the limp from my sprained ankle. Even knowing it was futile and that Rafael would always catch me and drag me back to the pits of Hell with him, I kept going.
That feeling settled down my spine, the slow caress of a nightmare whispering along my skin when he came close enough to almost grab me.
One more step, and I could already feel the heat of his arms reaching to wrap around me in the next moment. The harshness of his grip as it would lift me off my feet.
I ducked, dropping to the ground and crab walking backwards on my hands as the devil himself loomed over me. Even in the moment with his expression calm and placating, cautious, as if I were a wounded animal he only wanted to help, that darkness lurked in his stunning gaze. The animalistic tilt of his head as he studied the prey he’d well and truly caught once again left little doubt as to just what kind of punishment he would deliver as soon as he pulled me into his evil embrace.
A shadow emerged from the other side of the driveway, a figure moving between us as if he didn’t fear death itself. Joaquin stepped over my body, positioning himself so that one foot was to either side of my thighs. “Get up, mi reina,” he said softly, glancing over his shoulder at where I panted on the ground beneath him.



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Releasing June 30



Adelaide fell in love with books at a young age and quickly discovered her love for writing soon after. Since then, she’s become a self-professed plot hoarder of over 300 book concepts.
After receiving her degree in Psychology, Adelaide went on to work in a therapeutic riding facility. When her daughter was born, Adelaide traded out her boots to be a stay-at-home mom. In 2019, she added author to those job duties after a lifetime of dreaming about it. 

She lives in New York with her husband, two children, and their dog and cat who all make up the center of her world.

Anti-Heroes in Love Duet Cover Reveal


When Heroes Fall
Giana Darling
(Anti-Heroes in Love, #1)
Publication date: May 21st 2021
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance

I am the villain of my own story…

Jilted by my fiance.
A disappointment to my family.
Haunted by my childhood traumas.
I felt so much all my life that I resolved to feeling nothing at all.

Until I met my match.

As the most infamous mafioso of the 21st century, Dante Salvatore was madly passionate, unequivocally bad, and entirely too dangerous to know. He was everything I abhorred, yet I found myself representing him in the biggest criminal trial of the decade.

I was so focused on winning and achieving the success I deserved that I didn’t notice the gorgeous black-eyed man’s effect on me until it was too late. My icy heart had been held too close to his flame and now I wouldn’t let Dante go down without fighting with everything I had in me.

Even if the cost of a new life with him meant the loss of my old life and everything I thought I held dear.

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When Villains Rise
Giana Darling
(Anti-Heroes in Love, #2)
Publication date: TBA
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance

The second full length novel in the Anti-Heroes in Love Duet about Dante Salvatore.

Mafia romance.

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Author Bio:

Giana Darling is an USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Top 40 Amazon Best Selling Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently lives in beautiful British Columbia where she spends time riding on the back of her man's bike, baking pies, and reading snuggled up with her Golden Retriever puppy, Romeo.

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Rapid Agenda Book Blitz #Giveaway


Rapid Agenda
Maureen A. Miller
(High-Risk Agenda, #2)
Publication date: April 30th 2021
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

A spill in the rapids hauls two strangers into a harrowing and romantic adventure.

Chuck Borgas is ready to get back in the jungle. A lost city and a team of archeological students are waiting for him in Guatemala. He is waylaid at the airport by a bizarre woman who latches onto him like she’s his long-lost buddy. Smoking hot women don’t usually throw themselves at him. Ever. Finally ditching the stranger, he realizes she has left a bag behind. One glimpse into that sack and Chuck knows he’s stepped into a heap of trouble.

Faith Sanders is part of a small task force returning smuggled artifacts to the Guatemalan government. Her team is ambushed by members of a drug cartel, but she manages to escape. Alone and determined to get the artifacts to their destination, she is forced to improvise as the cartel closes in on her. That improvisation lands her in the arms of a handsome stranger.

Realizing that she has jeopardized the man at the airport, Faith has to decide which is more important…saving his life, or completing her mission.

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Slinging his backpack over one shoulder, Chuck passed through customs and headed towards the sliding glass doors to wait for a Chicken Bus to take him across the border. An archeologist’s budget didn’t exactly call for limo service. The crowded, chaotic local transport would have to do.

“There you are!”

Chuck felt a hand slide through his crooked arm. Startled, he looked down at the slim tanned limb before his eyes vaulted up to take in the rest.


A student? He knew everyone on his team. This woman with the tawny lopsided bun was definitely not in his group. She wore a navy blue polo shirt with an insignia he couldn’t quite catch.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Come on, let’s go. We’re going to be late.”

This little pistol of a woman was corralling his six-foot-plus field-rugged frame towards the doorway. Momentary surprise allowed for it, until he snapped to attention and locked his feet.

Unaffected, she beamed up at him. “I missed you too. Your flight was late. I almost got a taxi, but I promised I’d be here when you got off the plane. It’s stifling out today.”

She leaned in, and for an irrational moment he thought this stranger was going to kiss him. Hell, it wasn’t often that beautiful women threw themselves at him.

Okay, never.

“Look,” he said. “You’ve made some mistake.”

Her head tipped back and a husky laugh brushed across glossless lips. There was not a shred of makeup on the heart-shaped face that glistened slightly from the heat.

“You’re always so funny. Remember that time with the margaritas? You blew through a straw to make bubbles and ended up splashing the drink all over the guy at the next table.”

There it was. That tiny revelation. Not anything about her story. She was, as his grandmother would say, a real card. Audacious. Flippant. Bubbly. And she was like syrup pouring over his arm.

But there was some serious shit going down in her eyes. Fear. Anxiety. Desperation. Mostly fear. That registered foremost in the shadows of her pupils.

Clearly this was an act. And if it was an act, then the audience had to be nearby. Chuck lifted his eyes over her head and scanned the possibilities.

Was she running from an abusive boyfriend? From the police?

The crowd was thin here. Everyone was congregated down at the baggage claim. A family with two kids in tow scrambled by with their wheelie carts screeching. A taxi driver stepped through the sliding glass doors, sizing them up as prospects. A man was engrossed with the airline schedule monitor, while some people sat on the wooden benches, seemingly preoccupied—none returning his searching gaze.

“Listen ma’am—” God knows what trouble she was into. “I’m in a rush here.”

That much was true. He could see the colorful Chicken Bus waiting out in the parking lot. It was an old school bus modified into a party on wheels, earning its name from the days of transporting live animals along with human passengers. Public transportation with flair.

To his surprise she casually punched his arm and snickered. “You’re a hoot,” she remarked. “Like an owl. Hoot. Hoot. Hoot.”

Okay, where’s the camera? Surely this was some stint for a reality show.

A tug on his arm arrested his attention. Although the woman was oozing mirth, her soulful blue eyes pleaded as they looked up at him. Even as she forced another laugh, one truthful word squeezed across her lips.


In a blink, the glib smile was back, making him wonder if the plea had all been in his mind.

“Will you look at that thing!” She nudged her head at the vibrant bus parked outside. “It looks like a bag of Skittles threw up on it. I can’t even imagine what the inside looks like. Do you really think there will be chickens like in the movies? It’s gonna smell like chicken crap, isn’t it? How long will it take to get there?”

All this time, she was tugging him. Subtle, but forceful enough that if he resisted it would draw attention. He played along. Last thing he needed was to be drawn into someone else’s problems, but the look of desperation in her eyes was enough to propel him through the door with her in tow. At least get her outside. Maybe she could catch an Uber or something.

Evidently, she wanted whoever was watching to think they were together. He got that. He even nodded once or twice in response, but kept scanning the parade of vehicles loitering in front of the airport for the source of her performance.

Author Bio:

USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller worked in the software industry for fifteen years. She crawled around plant floors in a hard hat and safety glasses hooking up computers to behemoth manufacturing machines. The job required extensive travel. The best form of escapism during those lengthy airport layovers became writing.

Maureen's first novel, WIDOW'S TALE, earned her a Golden Heart nomination in Romantic Suspense. After that she became hooked to the genre. In fact, she was so hooked she is the founder of the JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE website.

Recently, Maureen branched out into the Young Adult Science Fiction market with the popular BEYOND Series. To her it was still Romantic Suspense...just on another planet!

Find more about Maureen at

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Drake Book Blitz #Giveaway


A.M. Salinger
(Twilight Falls #5)
Publication date: April 30th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

Roman Campbell. Wild Child. Rebel. Rockstar. Broken.

At the age of twenty-eight, Roman Campbell has the world at his feet. Young, successful, and brutally beautiful, his facade of an uber-cool rockstar hides deep scars that have tormented him for years. After finally putting the pieces of his broken life back together, Roman attends the wedding of his famous movie star friend Carter Wilson in Twilight Falls, where he meets Drake Jackson. Their attraction is instantaneous and Roman hooks up with the sexy builder for one intoxicating night.

Drake Jackson. Wickedly Hot. Serial Heartbreaker. Reformed (mostly) Bad Boy.

Having put behind his difficult childhood, Drake Jackson is content with his life. His one regret remains his lost chance at a relationship with his childhood friend Alex. After a torrid encounter with Roman at Carter’s wedding leaves Drake hungry for more, the builder believes he will never set eyes on the famous rockstar again. But when Roman buys the property Drake had long coveted in Twilight Falls right from under his nose and hires Drake as his contractor, Drake realizes trouble has come to find him with a capital T.

Sparks fly and the two men soon commit to a temporary arrangement that sees them satisfying their carnal desire for one another. But when Roman’s past comes crashing back into his life and his secrets are revealed, Drake finds himself experiencing a lot more than just desire for Roman. Will Drake finally accept the feelings growing inside his heart? Or will he reject Roman’s love and repeat the mistakes of his past?

Join Drake and Roman in this wildly addictive fifth installment in Twilight Falls, the new series by the author of the bestselling, contemporary, gay romance series Nights.

Content Note: this book contains sensitive content that may be upsetting to some readers. Please refer to the page at the start of the book for more information.

Goodreads / Amazon



Roman Campbell took a sip of his sparkling water and observed the two men taking to the floor for their first dance as a married couple.

Carter Wilson and Elijah Davis looked blissfully happy as they swayed to a classic Sinatra song, fingers interlocked and arms around one another while their bodies brushed sensuously. It was clear to everyone in the marquee that the grooms only had eyes for each other.

A twinge of jealousy stabbed through Roman at the happiness radiating on the two men’s faces. Carter laughed at something Elijah said and took his husband’s mouth in a hot kiss that had their guests clapping and wolf-whistling.

The newlyweds turned and extended their hands toward a pretty little blond girl in a cream taffeta and lace dress who stood watching them from the sidelines. Maisie, Carter’s niece and his and Elijah’s newly adopted daughter, squealed and ran out to join them. The couple caught her into their arms and resumed their dance, their mouths split in beaming smiles.

Roman swallowed a grimace.

I really am an asshole. I should be happy for them.

He’d been somewhat surprised to receive an invite to what was being touted as the most exclusive celebrity wedding of the year. Though he was friends with Carter, they hadn’t spoken for a while, their busy lives meaning their paths rarely crossed except at social events.

They’d met five years ago, at an exclusive sex club in L.A. It was the kind of place where the world-famous clientele could indulge in their private desires and fantasies to their heart’s content, without fear of their secrets becoming fodder for the paparazzi.

It had been Roman’s first time at the club. He’d hit on Carter the minute he’d walked inside the place, not realizing that the tall man with the dirty blond hair and the body to die for was the A-list Hollywood actor who had practically dominated entertainment news ever since he exploded on the movie scene with his first blockbuster.

Though Carter had flirted with Roman, he hadn’t obliged his invitation to visit one of the club’s private suites for some down and dirty time. He had, however, kept a close eye on him.

Roman had been more than a little drunk and high on drugs when he’d made the impulsive decision to visit the club that night and hook up with a stranger, a fact he had been lambasted for at length when his manager and best friend James Lang turned up and dragged him from the place a couple of hours later.

“At least you had the decency to pick somewhere the paparazzi couldn’t find you!” James had snapped the next morning while Roman lay recovering from his monumental hangover on the sundeck of his L.A. penthouse. “It’s a good thing Carter messaged me when he did.”

“Carter?” Roman had frowned at the unfamiliar name. “Who the hell is Carter? And could you pipe down? This headache is killing me,” he’d added on a groan.

James had clenched and unclenched his hands in a way that told Roman he’d wished they were wrapped around Roman’s neck.

“Carter is the guy you were hitting on last night,” James had explained icily. “He’s a friend of mine.” He’d paused and narrowed his eyes at Roman, a muscle dancing in his cheek. “That headache isn’t the only thing that’s gonna kill you, Roman. You need to cut back on the booze and the drugs. You’re not just ruining your health. You’re sabotaging your career!”

The guilt and anger that had rotted Roman’s insides for as long as he could remember flared into life and had his mouth curving in a nasty smile.

“Are you saying that as my best friend or as my manager?”

The hurt in James’s eyes had Roman immediately regretting his harsh words.

“I’m sorry,” Roman had mumbled in the stiff silence. “I promise I won’t do anything like this again.”

James had watched him for a moment before blowing out a heavy sigh. They’d both known it was a lie.

It wouldn’t be another two years until Roman finally kept his word. By then, the whole of L.A. and the world knew that the lead singer of Crazyknot was damaged goods.

Paradoxically, Roman’s soul-crushing fall from grace only boosted sales of their albums and propelled the band to international stardom. It also turned him into an overnight icon, one he’d assumed the entertainment industry would soon forget. Which made his and Crazyknot’s shockingly successful comeback twelve months ago all the more humbling. Apparently, the world loved nothing more than seeing a former bad boy reform.

Roman’s lips tilted in a self-deprecating smile. Well, almost reform.

He might have ditched the alcohol and the drugs. It didn’t mean he’d turned into a monk. He scanned the marquee, the restless feeling that had been gnawing at his insides a sure-fire sign that he needed to let off some steam in a way that didn’t involve getting intoxicated.

Now, let’s find a guy I can have some fun with.

“I know that look,” someone said next to him.

Roman closed his eyes briefly. He twisted on the bar stool and studied the man who’d taken the seat beside him with a faint frown.

James Lang looked his usual cool and elegant self in a bottle green tuxedo that matched his eyes and framed specs.

Roman pursed his lips.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he’d known James for thirteen years and had seen him puke his guts up on more occasions than he could count when they were teenagers, he might have taken a stab at the guy. James was attractive in the kind of way that made people pause and wonder what lay beneath the impeccable suits and hard exterior.

The only ones who truly knew the infamous manager were the members of Crazyknot and their close friends. For behind the cool, controlled facade James projected burned a fiery and surprisingly passionate soul.

To this day, Roman didn’t know what had turned the outgoing and fun-loving boy he had come to know during what had been the most challenging years of his teenage life, into the stern and reserved man who now sat facing him. It had happened shortly after their first national tour.

Roman and the other members of Crazyknot had long questioned James about his almost overnight transformation, but the manager had always remained tight-lipped on the subject.

“Oh yeah?” Roman grumbled presently. “And what kind of look am I wearing, pray tell?”

James arched an eyebrow. He took a sip of his champagne before leaning in closer. “The kind that says you’re looking for a good fuck.”

Choked off laughter erupted close by.

James stiffened and looked over Roman’s head.

Roman turned, a frown on his face and his mouth parting on a biting remark.

His breath locked in his throat.

Gunmetal blue eyes sparkled with mirth opposite him. Though the stranger straddled the bar stool in a relaxed pose, Roman could tell he was tall and would tower over him by a good few inches. His overlong, sun-kissed brown hair teased the collar of his classic, black tuxedo, the suit doing little to hide the hard angles and solid muscles beneath the expensive material. Silver peppered his short beard and sideburns, framing a rugged, tanned face that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of an outdoor sports magazine. His fingers were hard and callused where he held a half-empty beer bottle.

The man smiled and tipped his drink at them with a nonchalant dip of his head. “Don’t mind me. I’m just here for the beer.”

Roman’s cock stirred. He swallowed.


Mr. Sideburns was one hundred percent his type. And he looked exactly like the kind of trouble Roman needed to avoid tonight.

Author Bio:

A.M. Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary romance and M/M urban fantasy. In 2018, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS and TWILIGHT FALLS are contemporary M/M romance series written as A.M. Salinger. In 2021, she launches FALLEN MESSENGERS, her first M/M urban fantasy series written as Ava Marie Salinger. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.

Want to be the first to know about Ava’s new releases and get access to exclusive content, sneak previews, sales, and giveaways? Then sign up to her Reader Group here and join her VIP Facebook Fan Group here.

Here are some other places where you can connect with her:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Bookbub / Pinterest / Amazon

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

RELEASE BLITZ - Lies Between Us


Title: Lies Between Us
Author: Nikki Rose
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 29, 2021


After a steamy one-night stand leaves Alexis with a baby on the way, and no way to find the father, she’s forced to make the rash decision to marry the infatuated small-town police chief who promises her the safety and security she needs.

But safety is the last thing her new husband offers as their relationship gradually becomes violent. When the abuse reaches an all-time high, Alexis finally finds the courage to take her daughter and run. Determined to raise her daughter alone, Alexis leaves everything behind, until a freak accident brings her face to face with the same man she’d shared that heated night with two years before.

Author note: Warning: This book contains scenes of violence, including domestic violence that may be disturbing for some readers.


99c for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


For as long as she can remember, Nikki Rose has enjoyed writing stories. For years, writing was just a hobby for this South Carolina native. It was a way to let out all the stories floating around in her head. After one of those stories took on a mind of its own, outgrowing even the parameters of a single book, Rose knew she had to pursue her dream.

Married to her high school sweetheart and best friend, Rose feels she is truly living out a romance story of her very own. As a stay-at-home mom of two, she is blessed with the time needed to work on her writing career full-time while her kids are at school or in the wee hours while normal people sleep. She considers herself a music-obsessed chocoholic and hopeless romantic who enjoys weaving romance stories with a healthy dose of mystery and suspense.


RELEASE BLITZ - Twisted Love


Title: Twisted Love
Series: Twisted #1
Author: Ana Huang
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2021


He has a heart of ice...but for her, he'd burn the world.

Alex Volkov is a devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with a past he can’t escape.

Driven by a tragedy that has haunted him for most of his life, his ruthless pursuits for success and vengeance leave little room for matters of the heart.

But when he’s forced to look after his best friend’s sister, he starts to feel something in his chest:

A crack.
A melt.
A fire that could end his world as he knew it.


Ava Chen is a free spirit trapped by nightmares of a childhood she can’t remember.

But despite her broken past, she’s never stopped seeing the beauty in the world…including the heart beneath the icy exterior of a man she shouldn’t want.

Her brother’s best friend.
Her neighbor.
Her savior and her downfall.

Theirs is a love that was never supposed to happen—but when it does, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both…and everything they hold dear.

Twisted Love is a brother’s best friend/opposites attract romance with plenty of heat and no cliffhangers. Recommended for 18+ due to adult language and explicit content.


$2.99 for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Cover Design: E. James Designs


Something smelled delicious, like spice and heat. I wanted to wrap it around me like a blanket.

I snuggled closer to the source, enjoying the strong, solid warmth beneath my cheek. I didn’t want to wake up, but I’d promised Bridget I would volunteer at a local pet shelter with her this morning, before my afternoon shift at the gallery.

I allowed myself one more minute of coziness—had my bed always been this big and soft—before I opened my eyes and yawned.

Weird. My room looked different. No photograph prints papering the walls, no vase of sunflowers by the bed. And did my bed just move by itself?

My eyes latched onto the broad expanse of bare skin beneath me, and my stomach dropped. I looked up, up—straight into a pair of familiar green eyes. Eyes that stared back at me with no hint of the humor from last night.

He flicked his gaze down. I followed it…and realized, to my abject horror, that I was touching Alex Volkov’s dick. Unintentionally, and he had on sweats, but still.

I. Was. Touching. Alex. Volkov’s. Dick.

And it was hard.


Releasing July 29



Ana Huang is an author of primarily steamy New Adult and contemporary romance. Her books contain diverse characters and emotional, sometimes twisty roads toward HEAs (with plenty of banter and spice sprinkled in). Besides reading and writing, Ana loves traveling, is obsessed with hot chocolate, and has multiple relationships with fictional boyfriends.


RELEASE BLITZ - The Perfect Hero


Title: The Perfect Hero
Series: The Themis Series #1
Author: Anna Bishop Barker
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 29, 2021


The Perfect Hero – Book 1 of The Themis Series

Hired to follow a trail of blood, bodies, and madness, Logan Pressley and the Themis Group are looking for a killer. Not just a killer—The Slayer.

Logan is not looking for a woman. At 45 years old, he has had enough of humanity, and wants no part of the myth that people call love.

Starting a new life, Maggie Robertson is not looking for a hero. Hell, she’s not even looking for a watered-down version of one. Romance, she has found, is a wasted phenomenon for the young, and the days for being swept off her feet are long past.

Then there was that one-night stand. The night Logan and Maggie lost themselves in each other. In that single night, all the carefully laid rules were broken.


Themis, the Titan goddess of justice. The purveyor of divine law and order.

The men and women of The Themis Group have a singular cause - to bring justice and closure to those who have lost hope.

But while they are united in mission, they all have their reasons for being with a private investigation firm that straddles the converging lines of crime scene science, traditional investigation, and mainstream law enforcement. Some do it for the thrill. Some do it for the satisfaction. Some do it because they are compelled.

But each member of the team is looking for something they will never find in the work they have chosen.




She went back to studying her wine glass. “Well, after Mark was taken, I kind of went off the deep end a little.” She didn’t look at him. This was hard enough without seeing his face while she pushed through. “I became obsessed with protecting him, and part of that was falling down a rabbit hole of internet horror and bad guys.” She didn’t elaborate on how far she had fallen and how hard it had been to crawl out.
“You blamed yourself.” It wasn’t a question.
She met his eyes and the expression in them, the gentleness mixed with something she couldn’t exactly name, made the back of her eyes prickle.
“Yes.” she whispered.
It took a couple of minutes before she could resume, but when she felt she had command of her voice again, she continued. “Sam suggested that I turn what I was going through into something constructive. I was already pretty disillusioned with teaching.” She paused and considered her wording. “No, not disillusioned, exactly. I was burning out, though. And during my trip in the dark, I found I had a fascination with following trails and putting puzzle pieced together.” She grinned slightly and shrugged. “And I always had a girl crush on Clarice Starling.”
She had tried to lighten things with her last sentence. It didn’t work. He looked at some point over her shoulder and repeated her words. His voice was flat.
“Your trip in the dark.” He paused. “I had a trip in the dark.”
“Tell me.”


I was born in Kentucky and raised in Florida, so I am a southerner through and through. Since I was old enough to pick up a book, I have been a voracious reader. I wrote the usual poetry and short stories in high school, and I kept the dream of writing in the back of my heart until opportunity and encouragement helped me to realize that dream.

I live in Tampa with my kids, grandkids, dogs, various other livestock, and way more books than is strictly healthy.

Hot Romance.
Humor & heart.

Grown up stories for grown up people. This is what I write. There's food, music, dogs, the occasional geek reference, and quite possibly an inappropriate joke. There will likely be dead bodies as well.

Three random facts about me:
1. I was bitten by a shark when I was 14.
2. I have read War and Peace. (When I get to the afterlife, I am demanding that week of my life back. Sorry, Tolstoy.)
3. It is my sincere belief that any situation can be improved by eating some cheese.

My live philosophy is this - guard your inner peace and read dirty kissing books.