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Begin AGAIN, Again Book Blitz


Begin Again, Again
Eve Dangerfield
(Rebirth Series, #1)
Publication date: August 4th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

The chemistry’s right, the timing’s so wrong…

True love is never convenient…

What do Bethany Myers and infatuation have in common? They’re both bright, beautiful and refuse to conform.

What do Byron Thomas and denial have in common? Just about everything. But don’t worry about it.

Ex-party girl Beth moved to Melbourne for a fresh start—which was immediately derailed by the city’s COVID lockdown. After an isolated winter, summer has arrived and Beth (and her body) is crying out for connection. But the rules have changed and being vulnerable feels risky…

A pro-footballer turned electrician, Bryon has plenty of secrets and even more regrets. He’s the glue holding his dysfunctional family together and he wants things to stay simple—something Beth makes impossible.

After a roadside encounter Bryon and Beth’s worlds collide. What was supposed to be a hook up becomes a full-on summer romance. As they question their future, both together and apart, they learn you don’t come of age once but again and again.

Begin Again, Again is a return to the world of romance novels for critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield.



Beth wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t so perfect.

She was driving down a quiet rose-strewn street, Charli XCX blaring from her speakers, and there he was, striding across the footpath holding a big metal thing. Three weeks out of lockdown, Beth still wasn’t used to seeing men’s faces uncovered in public. But she’d never be ready for someone like him. He looked like he’d wandered away from a movie shoot, the drab suburbia a mere backdrop for his supernatural hotness. She slowed and he cocked his head at her. ‘Am I okay to go?’

He had a slash through his left eyebrow. The thin, bisecting line was a flaw that somehow made him hotter, like a gap between a supermodel’s front teeth.

Beth waved him on. He raised two fingers in a tiny salute and walked toward the black ute on the other side of the road. Beth watched the muscles in his arms shift and lock as he carried his… work tool, or whatever it was, across the road. Charli sang about boys, needing boys, wanting boys, and Beth’s mood soared. It was a gorgeous day; lockdown was finally over and guys as hot as this still existed. Better than existed—existed near her.

She still might not have done anything, but then she saw the butterfly. It was royal blue, huge and beautiful. It flitted past his handsome face, and it was like a cosmic promise that after all these months of loneliness, she could, would, fuck again.

“Oh my god,” she said to no one. Without another conscious thought, she wound down the car window and stuck her head into the summer morning. “Hey! You’re fucking gorgeous!”

The guy turned—of course he turned, she’d yelled at him—and gave her a bemused look. Beth’s insides churned. His eyes were brighter than his hair suggested they’d be, hazel or even green. The butterfly shimmered across his throat, as reluctant to leave him alone as she was.

He looked at her as he hauled the big metal thing into the tray of the ute. He didn’t seem annoyed; he didn’t seem like anything. Beth knew she should move, but she couldn’t. She was stuck between shame and the strangest feeling she knew him. Or that maybe she’d been waiting for him. That she’d known to drive to this spot at this time and see this guy.

He moved toward her car and common sense kicked in. She’d catcalled a guy in the street. He might have thought she was joking. Fucking with him. Beth imagined his fist pounding the car windshield and saw him yelling that he wasn’t a woman and didn’t deserve that shit. She fumbled for the accelerator, but he was already in front of her, hand outstretched.


His voice was deep but clean. Up close there was a boyish roundness to his eyes that unnerved her. He was young, younger than her. Mid-twenties maybe. Beth’s stomach roiled. “Hey, um, how’s it going?”

“Not bad.” He bent down, looking through her open window. His eyes were green, dark jade like pounamu. Her stomach swooped. Did she know him? Had they made plans to be here?

He glanced at her body, both brows lifting slightly. Lust hit Beth like a truck. She wanted him, wanted him with a clarity she hadn’t experienced since Ben Havish’s sweet sixteenth pool party.

“How are you?” he asked.

Beth looked into his face and saw enough interest to press wildly, recklessly ahead. “Good. Do you want to hang out?”

The guy leaned back, straightening up. “Right now?”

Beth’s brain jammed. Was he inviting her onto his worksite? To his car? She wasn’t opposed, but… “I’m on my lunch break. How about tonight?”

His gaze travelled down her body, and Beth wished she’d worn something hotter than a pink t-shirt and jeans. Like a dress and heels. Or a fur coat and lingerie.

“Tonight works.”

Beth resisted the urge to clap her hands to her face and squeal.

Author Bio:

Eve Dangerfield has loved romance novels ever since she first swiped her grandmother’s paperbacks. Now she writes her own stories about complicated women and gorgeous-but-slightly-tortured men. Her work has been described as 'genre-defying,' 'insanely hot' and ‘the defibrillator contemporary romance needs right now'...and not just by herself or those who might need bone marrow...OTHER PEOPLE! She lives in Melbourne with her boy and a bunch of semi-dead plants. She can generally be found making a mess.

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