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Sir, Yes Sir


Sir, Yes Sir
L. L. Ash
Publication date: April 12th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


One single moment changed everything. After receiving life-altering injuries on my last operation, I was forced to retire early. What was I if not a Raider and a Marine? When my brother in arms Tommy (Gun) Blair offered his home up to me to finish my recovery, I snatched up the opportunity with both hands because I had nowhere else to go. Amidst all my calculations, however, I realized that I’d missed one significant detail. Freya, Tommy’s daughter. She’d been a kid last time I’d seen her. She was definitely NOT a kid anymore. Living up to her namesake, the daughter of my best friend was beautiful, sweet, and deadly. If Tommy knew the kinds of things running through my head, he’d kill me in my sleep with a rusty spoon. Didn’t matter though. The woman was temptation embodied, and despite all my training, discipline and control, she was the one weakness that I just couldn’t give up.


I’d never met a man like him. Ashton was solid, confident, rigid, and bold. He also had the body of a god. No joke. But I was just the kid of his best friend. Seeing a man as powerful as him bow to the agony of injuries and PTSD…it broke my heart. It also proved that he wasn’t just a fighting machine. When he started working at Dad’s dealership with us, I started to get to know the man instead of the legend, and I loved what I found. Good with his hands, and loyal to a fault, I fell so deep in love with him it’s almost disgusting. Too bad he was my father’s best friend and would never love me back.

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“Sorry,” Freya said from…yep, the kitchen. “Mom’s been into that stuff ever since I can remember. She thinks that good thoughts and crystals can heal just about everything.”

“You don’t buy it?” I asked her.

She just blinked at me.

“She once tried healing my broken arm with obsidian and selenite. It took me two hours to convince my mom that a couple of pretty rocks weren’t going to reset my bones.”

I whistled.

“How old were you?”

“Eight. Eight and a half, I think.”

Holy shit.

“Where was Tommy? Your dad, I mean.”

“Working. In Afghanistan, I think. He’d been gone for months before it happened. Mom always got super sucked into that stuff when he was away for a while.”

“I’m sorry, kid,” I told her, which made her bristle.

“I’m not a kid, you know that, don’t you, Ashton?”

Oh, I fucking knew it. I remembered the feel of her very grown-up breasts pressing against my chest while I was having a full on mental breakdown in the employee bathroom at work.

She’d never brought it up though. After Tommy had led me away, Freya never mentioned the incident again. Maybe she just wanted to forget the traumatizing moment, and I could respect that. I’d taken full advantage of her sympathetic and loving heart, and I knew it.

But I digress.

I didn’t remember things being so bad. Tommy had mentioned that he’d needed to leave the Marines to be with his wife and daughter, but he’d never mentioned how bad it had evidently gotten. Had Freya been dealing with being the grown-up in the house ever since she was a kid? Maybe our pasts were more similar than I ever realized.

“You look like you’re thinking too hard,” Freya said as she dipped to look into the fridge for something.

Damn, that ass…

“I’m afraid that maybe your head will explode or something,” she mused.

I barked a rusty laugh, just as she stood and graced me with a grin over her shoulder.

“You’re insane,” was the only comeback I had, because maybe she was right.

I was thinking way too hard about her and that peachy ass when I should’ve been focused on other things. “Is Tommy still at the dealership?”

She nodded, then slid over a beer to me.

“You know him. Workaholic.”

Yes, I did, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. He had such an amazing life to come home to, why would he choose work over this?

I grunted instead of answering, but took the beer happily.

“So?” she asked after a minute. “You took the day to go to the base. How’d it go?”

I didn’t fucking answer. I didn’t want to.

Funny though, as it turned out, I didn’t need to.

“Oh…Ash…” she moaned, sadness and sympathy coloring her cheeks.

“Guess my nickname Citizen really matches now,” I grunted out, thinking it would be funny, but my voice cracked like a prepubescent boy, showing my emotions.

Freya came right around the counter and took me into her arms, beer and all where she squeezed me harder than anybody had ever hugged me before.

“You’ll be ok,” she muffled a whisper with her face in the crook of my neck and shoulder. “You’ve got us, and we’ll be your team.”

An unwelcome tear started slipping out of my eye, and I quickly tried sucking it back up before she could notice. But funny that, tears don’t suck back up like snot.

When she let me go, Freya looked into my face and lifted her hand, sweeping the trail of that singular tear away.

“You’ve got us,” she said, looking me right in the eyes. “If you need a wingman, I’m your girl. I’ll help get you laid and help you find a place when you’re ready. I’ll even watch sports with you, even though I hate everything other than hockey and MMA.”

I snorted a laugh, which made her sad lips turn into a small smile.

“I appreciate that,” I told her, pressing my palm to her cheek now. “But I’m ok. I don’t need a wingman. I can get laid all by myself. As for sports, what other real sports are there other than hockey and MMA?”

She snorted a laugh, legit making snot burst out of her nose, which made her cheeks flame with embarrassment.

I laughed too while she hurried away to the bathroom to get away from me.

That girl was too much.

And fucking everything.

Author Bio:

L.L. Ash is a Washington-born writer who has traveled and lived across the western coast of the US. Ash has been writing fiction since she was a pre-teen, and while her writing has improved since then, her love for literature has not changed.

Oftentimes you can find Ash reading an indie romance or enjoying a historical fiction. Dabbling in culinary arts and music, Ash has been an artist for decades but found her true love and passion in romances.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Lady Cosa Nostra Book Blitz


Lady Cosa Nostra: Victoria’s Secrets
Contel Bradford
(Lady Cosa Nostra, #1)
Publication date: April 8th 2024
Genres: Adult, Mafia, Romance

Born to a struggling African American mother and a successful Italian American father, Victoria Russo is destined for greatness. But her journey is fraught with pain, drama, and trauma beyond her years. From the treacherous schoolyard to the shadowy depths of the mafia underworld, this coming-of-age story defies convention at every turn.

The first in a trilogy, Victoria’s Secrets: Lady Cosa Nostra spins a gripping journey of resilience, identity, and survival against all odds.

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Victoria stammered into the living room, buzzed from healthy swigs of sweet and syrupy cheap liquor. She could hear her mother in the kitchen, bitching someone out on the phone. Rosaline was always in a pissy mood. No matter the time of day. The fact that school had let out hours ago meant she was probably incensed on another plateau of rage. Victoria strategically crept pass her mother and upstairs to her bedroom, hoping she hadn’t tipped off the drunken giant.

“What a day,” Victoria sighed as she flopped down on her messy bed. Physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from the events of the past ten hours, she stretched out, confident that she could sleep for another ten.

Sure, there were guys here and there, but Victoria never had what she’d call a boyfriend. On that note, she might have two to call her own in Donnell and Damon⸺—if she played her cards right. Commemorating an official relationship with either would bolster her presence by a few precious notches. Things were looking up. Well, minus whatever repercussions stemmed from that one-sided fight with big bad Keisha. Before she could further relish in the wonderful world of what-if, cold hard reality came banging at her bedroom door.

God dang it. Victoria huffed and braced for the inevitable showdown, knowing she couldn’t win this one. “Come in!”

Rosaline barged in and wasted no time in unloading a barrage of verbal fury. “I am so sick and tired of yo ole triflin’ ass! What you doin’ fightin’ in school? Huh?!”

Victoria sat up and instantly went into panic mode, mind scrambling to decipher how her mother got wind of the fight. She figured she could at least table the issue on the back burner until tomorrow. In reality, none of that even mattered. Didn’t matter who or what instigated the incident. Heads were set to roll, and her noggin was square on the chopping block.

“Ma, it wasn’t even my fault,” Victoria pleaded her case. “She the one …”

“Shut the hell up!”Rosaline had heard enough. She silenced Victoria with a slap that echoed throughout the room, daring the rebellious teen to question her authority. “I don’t wanna hear it, Victoria! They talkin’ bout expelling you from school … permanently. Well guess what … you get kicked outta school, you kicked outta my house! I’m done wit your no good ass!”

Rosaline stomped out of the room, ire raised higher than when she entered. That’s that. No chance for Victoria to appeal with her version of the truth. Rosaline flew off the handle, straight into Psycho Mom town, where she then proceeded to lay the smack down. Victoria never spoke it. Hell, she tried not to even think it into existence. But right then and there, she declared seething hatred for her very own mother. The self-indulgent, crack blazing, booze guzzling whore who never cared for anyone other than herself. Certainly not her one and only child. If Victoria made good on a single promise, accomplished one goal in life, it was to get the hell out of Rosaline’s house ASAP.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Contel Bradford is a seasoned freelance writer and author of multiple fiction tales. Though he is perhaps best known for reality-based hardcore urban fiction titles such as Thug Nation, he is quickly gaining a reputation as a compelling voice in the increasingly popular genre of erotica. Boasting a unique style that combines high-level writing with energetic, engaging storytelling, Contel has emerged as that author you must have in your reading rotation!

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The Spolier


The Spoiler
Le Todd
Publication date: June 18th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

College student Rose Maraczek loves movies. Not just any movies, but sweeping period dramas that take her far away from who she is. Her obsession started in high school when a box of movies appeared on her doorstep and she discovered the relief they could give her from her debilitating OCD. What Rose hates are spoilers—especially those that ruin the escape she seeks.

Tristan Moore, Rose’s former crush and her brother’s best friend, is the bane of her existence. Always at their house, everything he does gets under Rose’s skin, the worst of which is his consistent dropping of movie spoilers. Fed up, Rose sets out to find a new apartment, but it’s while trying to distance herself from Tristan that he reveals one final spoiler—one that makes Rose realize it was Tristan who left all those movies for her years ago.

Now it’s Rose’s turn for revenge as she forms a movie-spoiler plan of her own: Destroy Tristan Moore.

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Author Bio:

After years in marketing as a content writer, LE Todd returned to her first love: writing fiction. She had previously shelved the idea of being published, but decided to press on, continuing work on her fantasy series, Harrow Eternus. In 2021, she completed writing the second book in her series, then went on to write a contemporary romance, The Spoiler, which is slated for publication in June 2024.
In 2023, LE Todd wrote a vampire romantasy, Claret, and is now working on a new fantasy trilogy, Warlock of the West.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Take All The Time You Need


Take All the Time You Need
Cate Summers
Publication date: September 24th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Riley Chase is taking her sweet time to move on.

Working as a painter in the West Village in New York City, Riley is still reeling from the loss of her fiancé, Grant, three years later, until an unexpected rent hike forces her to move out of the apartment she shared with him. She takes it as a chance to start anew, at the encouragement of her therapist. After answering a request for proposal to paint a mural in The Red Kettle, a new restaurant owned by none other than Jae Cho, the wickedly handsome chef who just moved into her old apartment.

As Riley and Jae work together to get the restaurant ready for opening night, Jae learns of Riley’s well-meaning but ultimately futile attempts to make a dating app profile. Jae can’t stand to watch his new employee flounder in love—or get kidnapped by a serial killer before she finishes painting his mural— and promises to help get her profile in order including a practice date in exchange for her painting the mural for free. Riley questions what it means to “move on” from her late fiancé, and from the place she called home for so long—all while trying to not fall for her new neighbor who can’t seem to help but feed her dumplings and take her on long walks through NYC.

Maybe it isn’t too late for love after all.

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Dr. Z and Matty Take Telegraph


Dr. Z and Matty Take Telegraph
Ari Rosenschein
Publication date: May 7th 2024
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

It’s the late ’90s—the final days before smartphones and the internet changed the teenage landscape forever. Zack and his mother have moved from Tempe to Berkeley for a fresh start, leaving behind Zack’s father after a painful divorce. A natural athlete, Zack makes the water polo team which equals social acceptance at his new school. Yet he’s more drawn to Matthias, a rebellious skater on the fringes, who introduces him to punk rock, record stores, and the legendary Telegraph Avenue.

As their friendship intensifies, Matthias’s behavior reminds Zack of his absent dad, driving a wedge between him and his mother. Complicating matters is Zaylee, a senior who boosts Zack’s confidence but makes him question his new buddy, Matthias. Faced with all these changes, Zack learns that when life gets messy, he might have to become his own best friend.

Dr. Z and Matty Take Telegraph is about how a friendship can challenge who we are, how we fit in, and where we’re going.

Dr. Z and Matty Take Telegraph is a keenly and compassionately observed coming-of-age story that glows with truth and yearning. Reading this book feels the way falling in love and making a new best friend alight on the young and hungry heart.”

—Jeff Zentner, award-winning author of In the Wild Light


Author Bio:

Ari Rosenschein is a Seattle-based author who grew up in the Bay Area. Books and records were a source of childhood solace, leading Ari to a teaching career and decades of writing, recording, and performing music. Along the way, he earned a Grammy shortlist spot, landed film and TV placements, and co-wrote the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Song of the Year.

Coasting, his debut short story collection, was praised by Newfound Journal as “introducing us to new West Coast archetypes who follow the tradition of California Dreaming into the 21st century.” His forthcoming young adult novel, Dr. Z and Matty Take Telegraph, draws partly from the writer’s adolescent experiences.

Ari holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch Los Angeles, and his work appears in Short Beasts, Drunk Monkeys, Noisey, Observer, PopMatters, The Big Takeover, KEXP, and elsewhere. He lives with his wife and dogs and enjoys the woods, rain, and coffee of his region.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok

Thursday, April 4, 2024



Title: Xander
Helen of Troy Retelling
Series: Forbidden Ice 
Hockey Gods of Olympus #1
Authors: Drethi A. & Nenia Campbell
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Hockey Romance/Reverse Age Gap
Breeding/Forbidden Love/Stepmother Romance
Cover Design: Temptation Creations
Release Date: June 1, 2024


She fought battles for others… and never expected someone to wage a war for her.

Calm. Calculating. Disciplined.

Xander Maxwell thrives on controlling his emotions. The ruthless hockey player leaves it all on the ice but is levelheaded outside the rink. Until he comes face to face with his estranged father’s beautiful young bride.

Jordan—a walking wet dream with heart-stopping curves, a sunshine smile, golden hair, and bright blue eyes.

He shouldn’t be enticed. His only goal is to no longer live under his father’s thumb. It doesn’t matter that Jordan is the most beautiful woman on earth or that she radiates like the sun itself.

There is only one problem. She is everywhere—in his thoughts, in every bone, even in his blood. She has snuck into his dreams, and he can’t wrench her out.


Successful, affectionate, and warm.

Jordan Banks makes a career out of selling the perfect life. With clients consisting of the wealthy and famous elite, there is no room for error. Perfection is everything, especially to her controlling husband.

The only part of her life she hasn’t perfected is the one that matters the most—family.

When Xander returns home after years, it’s an opportunity to cement the close-knit family dynamic she has always craved. After all, she is closer to him in age than her husband.

The unlikely bond she forges with Xander isn’t part of the plan, though. Nor does she expect to see the same suffocating loneliness reflected in his eyes, the one she’s found within her marriage.

But their undeniable connection comes at a cost. A series of devastating secrets comes to light, shattering her not-so-perfect life and leaving only Xander to shield her from the glancing blows.

Jordan is used to fighting battles for her clients but it’s Xander who wages a war for her.

Xander is a steamy reverse age-gap hockey romance. This book is inspired by Helen of Troy. It includes explicit content and only recommend for mature readers.


$2.99 special price for
one week only!


Order here for a bonus scene, NSFW &
exclusive art and more!


Drethi lives close to DC with her husband and runs a wedding planning business. She loves to travel and tries to visit multiple countries per year.

When she’s not traveling or busy planning a special day, she can be found plotting ways to put her characters through hell. She is all about angst and dark themes in her romance. Drethi loves to put her flawed and disturbed characters through the wringer before giving them their Happily Ever After.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. She loves talking with her readers, so don’t be shy.


Nenia Campbell lives in San Francisco. She writes dark romances about morally grey men who are obsessed with their heroines. Sometimes they have knives. Sometimes they chase her through the woods. They might even be her stepbrother. When she's not writing, she is working in tech, going to local wineries, traveling, or playing cozy games. She has one black cat and a huge collection of retro romance novels that she likes to show off on Instagram.

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The Backup Princess


The Backup Princess
Kate O’Keeffe
(Royally Kissed, #1)
Publication date: April 4th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

When a Texas gal punches a prince instead of curtsying, you know this isn’t your grandmother’s fairy tale.

Taking the bull by the horns is child’s play compared to ruling Malveaux. Yet here I am, a Texas girl turned princess, swapping tacos for a tiara.

Then I meet Europe’s most eligible bachelor, the irritatingly handsome Prince Alexander, and accidentally deck him instead of curtsying.


I’d feel bad if he wasn’t such a self-satisfied jerk.

Now, I’m racing against a royal clock that ticks with the urgency of a preening peacock, trying not to let down my newfound country or my own wild heart. Alexander? He’s a walking contradiction, with a smirk that heats my blood and eyes that tell tales of a depth I didn’t expect.

Decisions aren’t exactly my rodeo, but this time, my choice could cost me my new crown—or lead to a love story that rewrites my happily ever after.

Will this Texas girl rise to the royal challenge, or is this one fairytale destined to end with the slipper never found?

The Princess Diaries meets The Hating Game in this in this dizzyingly romantic modern royal romcom for grown-ups, where an American girl’s unexpected ascent to royalty collides with a fiery romance with a hot neighboring prince. The Backup Princess is a closed-door romance with all the sizzle but without the spice, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It’s Book 1 in the brand new series, Royally Kissed.

Goodreads / Amazon


“Hello?” I fumble with my phone to locate the torch app, which suddenly seems to have disappeared. “Who’s in here?” I demand, half expecting to find a murderer or some kind of psychopath, wielding a knife, ready to attack.

“Who are you?” an indignant voice responds.

Finally, I locate the torch app and flick it on, scanning the closet.

I suck in a breath as it illuminates a woman, her features lined with fear as she squints at me, her hands held in tight fists in front of her chest.

I relax. She doesn’t look like a murderer or a psychopath, or even a ghost. Well, a little like a ghost. The woman is rather pale.

But there’s something recognizable about her. The look in her eyes is like a deer in headlights. A beautiful deer. A familiar deer.

I take a step closer to her.

“Get back!” she screeches. “I’m warning you; I know tai chi.”

I press my lips together to stop a smile. “You know how to do slow, controlled movements at sunrise?” If I tried to keep the amusement from my voice it wasn’t much of an effort.

“I meant… karate. I know karate and I’m not afraid to use it!” She unfurls her fists and brandishes her flat hands at me.

A laugh bubbles up, and I do my best to style it out as a cough. “I come in peace, I assure you.”

“How do I know that?” She does a chopping motion with one of her hands, presumably to demonstrate her karate prowess.

“Why don’t you put those weapons of yours down?” I reach for her hands to hold them in mine reassuringly. This woman is freaked out and I need to do something.

As my hands fold over hers she snaps them away, raises one in a fist, and before I have the chance to ask what she intends to do with that fist, she jabs it straight at my face.

“Argh!” I call out, my eyes watering as my nose throbs in pain that pulses painfully across my cheekbones. I stagger back, clasping my nose “What did you do that for?”

But no sooner have the words left my mouth when she yanks the cupboard door open and bursts from the room, her skirt billowing behind her as she rushes away from me down the hall.

“What the—?!” I trail after her, muttering in disbelief. Who punches someone in the face in a hallway cupboard when all they were trying to do was show they weren’t a threat?

Through watering eyes, I blink at her as she tears away from me down the hallway—only to fall flat on her face, her skirt billowing up behind her to expose her plain white cotton underpants, and her tiara pinging off her head and bouncing across the carpet.

Who is this woman and what the heck is she playing at?

My instinct kicks in, and before I have the chance to second guess myself, I hurry down the hallway to her aid.

“Are you all right?” I ask.

Her eyes are wild as she yells, “Stay away!” She clamors back to her feet, clutching her head.

“Are you hurt?” I ask, and she shakes her head, her eyes searching the floor.

She must be looking for her tiara.

“It’s over there.” I point at the tiara on the ground, still in one piece.

She grabs it and turns back to me. “I—please don’t tell anyone.”


She doesn’t say another word, instead she turns on her heel and dashes away, rounding a corner and disappearing from sight.

I stand, rooted to the spot, my brain scrambling to make sense of what just happened. I sought a brief moment of refuge in a cupboard only to be attacked by a beautiful woman in a tiara with an American accent.

My nose throbs painfully as realization dawns on me.

She’s Madeline, the American here to claim the throne. The woman a nation has pinned their hopes on.

The woman who wields a strong right hook.

Author Bio:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kate O'Keeffe writes exactly what she loves to read: laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with swoon-worthy heroes and gorgeous feel-good happily ever afters. She lives and loves in beautiful Hawke's Bay, New Zealand with her family and two scruffy dogs. When she's not penning her latest story, Kate can be found hiking up hills (slowly), traveling to different countries, and eating chocolate. A lot of it.

Visit to sign up to her newsletter and you'll receive a FREE romcom.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub

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Hitting The Gap Release

Title: Hitting the Gap
Series: Playing for Keeps #4
Author: Lauren Fraser
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Tropes: Friends to Lovers/Close Proximity
Curvy Girl/Cinnamon Roll MMC
Release Date: April 4, 2024


Hitting the gap is easy compared to falling in love with your best friend.

For a smart girl, Bailey Reynold’s has terrible taste in men. How else can she explain why she agreed to move halfway across the country with her fiancé? Her now ex-fiancé. The lying, cheating, jerk. Now she’s not only in a new city, but homeless, and needing her childhood best friend to come to her rescue. Good thing she stopped believing in fairytales a long time ago because they sure don’t happen for curvy girls like her.

Fun loving, Hawks third baseman Ramon (Gonzo) Gonzalez enjoys his single life. Who wouldn’t? He’s got no commitments and his pick of women. But he’d do anything for the people he cares about, including giving up his spare bedroom. When he insisted Bailey move in with him, he’d thought sharing his space might take some getting used to. What he didn’t expect was the late-night conversations and seeing her sleep rumpled face over coffee to make him re-evaluate everything he thought he felt about their relationship. Now he’s lusting after his childhood friend. And that was never part of his plan.

Getting girls has always been easy. Finding one he wanted to keep? Not so much, until now. But Bailey’s fears and insecurities run deep. And it’ll take all his skills to convince her a life with him is so much better than any fairytale ever could be.






Lauren has always been a dreamer, weaving stories to keep herself entertained. Through her stories, she can travel anywhere in the world and money is not an object. Now, who wouldn't want that? Unfortunately, the demands of the real world pushed her dreams to the side for a while.

After talking to her children about going after what they wanted and not letting fear stand in their way, she realized she needed to lead by example and chase her own dreams. She enjoys going hiking, camping and paddleboarding with her husband and two daughters.


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Kinks of A Billionaire


Title: Kinks of a Billionaire
Author: Eva Winners
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Tropes: Friends to Lovers/Who Did This To You
Cover Design: Eve Graphics
Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Model: Eduardo V.
Release Date: April 26, 2024


Royce Ashford.
The hottest man I’d ever met.
The first man I’d fallen for.

I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s older brother for as long as I could remember. His charm and sex appeal could seduce a saint, never mind a sex-crazed woman.

With his cocky grin, those broad shoulders, and that filthy mouth, he was a heartbreaker in a leather jacket. And a leading man in every single one of my naughty fantasies.

The first time I kissed him, we ended up locked in the friend zone forever. Apparently my smooching skills left much to be desired. In my defense, I was too young and inexperienced.

But I grew up and totally got over him.

Until my engagement fell apart and Royce swooped in like a prince charming, saving me.

One tiny problem.

I was falling for him all over again. My lustful imagination, raging hormones and accidental glimpses of Royce’s nakedness weren’t helping. Neither were the rumors of Royce’s kinky tendencies.

But I refuse to be a footnote in Royce’s life. If we were doing this, we’d do it all.

We’d go all the way.

Kinks of a Billionaire is a complete STANDALONE. No other books need to be read prior to this.




Eva Winners released her first novel Second Chance At Love in 2020 and has been writing feverishly ever since. She writes about everlasting romance for every century focusing on characters emotional development and always guarantees an HEA.

She loves yoga, wine and her kiddos. In her spare time, she seeks adventures either hiking through trails or exploring the beaches.

Writing books has always been her passion and she brings real life to the forefront in everything she writes about.

Deeply passionate characters and stories will draw you in and you'll never want to leave.

Follow her on social media to stay up to date with all her new releases!

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Obeying The Owner Cover Reveal


Title: Obeying the Owner
Series: Charleston Coyotes #6
Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Sports Romantic Comedy
Tropes: Hockey Team Owner, Single Father
Billionaire, Boss/Employee, Age Gap
Cover Design: Black Widow Designs
Release Date: April 17, 2024


When my dad retires, I take over as the new owner of the Charleston Coyotes hockey team.

As a businessman and father of a teenage daughter, I’m prepared for the challenges of the game, but Maeve, the stunning blonde I meet on a dating app—not so much.

Despite the large age gap, the connection between us is electric, and our one-night hookup quickly spirals into something deeper.

But life checks me harder than a hockey player when I discover Maeve is the executive assistant my dad raved about—which means she now works for me.

Suddenly, our steamy affair is put on ice, and navigating the delicate balance between boss and ex-lover becomes a high-stakes game with no playbook to follow.

Cue the awkward office encounters and the never-ending struggle to keep my hands off her.

Spoiler alert: I’m failing spectacularly.

It seems the harder I work at remaining professional, the more I long for her to once again obey this owner.



All free in Kindle Unlimited


Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He's a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker, and a bacon lover.

A USA Today bestselling author of sports romance and romantic suspense, Jacob has endless ideas and plans on providing his readers with many more entertaining stories.


Midlife Gumbo


Title: Midlife Gumbo
Series: Boudin, Barbecue, and Hoodoo #3
Author: Reggi Dupree
Genre: Paranormal Women's Fiction
Tropes: Forbidden Romance, Fated Mates
Sibling's Ex, Grumpy/Violent Sunshine
Cover Design: Moor Book Designs
Release Date: May 2, 2024


When you think life can’t get worse, the universe says: hold my beer.


This forty-five-year-old honey badger shifter is newly single and ready to mingle.

And freaking tired of playing small.

The fantastic news? I’m no longer alone. I have a sister and an entire birth family in Hoodoo, Texas. But with some new unexplainable powers, I may be too big of a freak for even my vampire aunt to accept.

The bad news? The sadistic honey badger clan I fled twenty-five years ago has found me. Someone else is trying to kill me. And if their threats of kidnapping, forced mating, and death weren’t enough…

I’m going into heat. Of course, the only viable candidate to offer a... helping hand is my escort to Texas–a grumpy werewolf who doesn’t even like me.


I’m in San Diego to make the long-lost sister of my former high school sweetheart disappear—by any means possible. Instead, I discover that not only is the sister her identical twin, but my fated mate.

Now, my mission is to get the violent ball of sunshine to Hoodoo, where she’ll become someone else’s problem. That should be easy enough because I’m a wolf with a plane, a plan, and a purpose. What could go wrong?

How about everything?

Midlife Gumbo is the third book in the Boudin, Barbecue, and Hoodoo series. While it’s part of the larger world, this full-length paranormal romance is a stand-alone.

If you love road trips, laughter, and grumpy sunshine stories, then you’ll love Midlife Gumbo. This novel is high in humor and medium in spice and perfect for fans of Darynda Jones, Mandy Roth, and K.F. Breene.