Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ogitchida Kwe's Children's Book Review Dewi and The Seeds of Doom

Children's Book Review

Dewi and The Seeds of Doom

By Maggie Lyons

      In the modern day unbelievable or not,  we are ultimately living with GMO products yet they are being cultivated at a high cost to humanity. Many are unaware of the dangers of GMO products and Lyons brings this dreadful topic to life via the strong willed  character Dewi the dragon. Dewi the main character  in this awesome book Dewi and The Seeds of Doom, ultimately discovers the horrible happenings of GMO products and must make a choice in how he will approach this dreadful situation. The author Maggie Lyons, helps the reader to understand the dangers that are lurking in the GMO industry and just how awful the industry is to life on earth. Our homeschool children were intrigued with this story and they too learned a life lesson about the GMO industry. I believe this was a well written story and the children of the world deserve a good honest book as such! It is evident that we must teach our children about the clear dangers of GMO crops and what better way to bring forth this subject than in an awesome book! We rate this story with a thumbs up in our homeschool! 
 *Disclosure Statement: Ogitchida Kwe was given this book in exchange for an honest review. We always enjoy giving our heart and soul to our reading audience and our book reviews are just part of what we do!  

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