Saturday, December 27, 2014

Disgruntled? Hmmmm ME!

 Well first off let me state that I want to address a certain situation going on in the book blogging community. Now come on guys, many of you know exactly what I am going to jump in on but for whatever reason just let it blow off. First of all I want to let my readers know that I am usually reading and reviewing or doing a super fantabulous giveaway and never rambling on here. You all know that if you read my blog. So, this is the problem that many of us are dealing with quietly:

Giveaway Winners and No Winning Prize SENT!

Ok there you have it. Now this is something that is not just happening with individuals but sponsors as well. Yet, the sponsors can get off the hook but the little guys no that is a huge problem because we are bloggers here online together. You see, I look at an individual giving away a prize from their heart as something serious. When you choose to do a giveaway you are asking the general public to support you by following, liking, sharing from your blog etc. You are asking for people in the blogging community to trust that you are going to send out the prize that was offered to the public. So many of us do send our prizes out but some don't and this needs to be dealt with. We should no longer allow bloggers to participate in our giveaways and hops if they are not going to actually give the prize away. It is a dishonor and it is time to stop these bloggers in their tracks. If you have been burnt then you know exactly what I am talking about. I refuse to continue to support bloggers who feel that they are too good to ship their prizes to the people in this community that support them with our trust and promotional abilities.

Now, let us start the new year right and call on all bloggers to do the right thing!

Have a Happy New Year Guys!

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