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Children's Book Review Roxy Rogers Your Destiny is Calling

Ogitchida Kwe's 
Children's Book Review

Book & Author Details:

Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling
Written By: Emily Siskin-Toy
Illustrated By: Brian C. Krumm

Genre: Children's Picture Book

  Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny Is Calling

This story features a brave young girl Roxy Rogers that must come to terms with the choices that she is making for her life, all to be done without disappointing her extended family members. Roxy the main character is able to relate to her family in all that they want for her, yet has never really felt that she has a calling to do what they want. Roxy Rogers really wants to make her parents, grandparents and great grandfather happy about her choices in life. Although she feels good about her family there is just something that is not right with the choices that she is making in her life. Yet, she candidly must try to figure out when the best time to come forth and explain her feelings to her family, about this heart breaking dilemma that she has.

The author helps her young readers to see how important it is for a child to have the support of family in life endeavors, no matter what the situation may be. Family is presented in this book as an essential predictor in how a child may feel about themselves. The author mainly addresses the needs of children having a sense of self confidence. She also helps her readers to grasp the idea of making choices yet including the extended family members in pertinent decisions.

My homeschool students were delighted to hear this story and they also enjoyed the historical addendum and the spectacular treasure hunt for clues. My son loves hunting items down in pictures and this made this book all the more fun for our family. The bright colors and lovely illustrations are a perfect match for the storyline. The illustrator does a fabulous job of bringing the entire family in this book to life. The vibrant colors help the readers to feel the excitement beaming from Roxy Rogers! We recommend this book for children and adults alike! 

*Disclosure Statement: Ogitchida Kwe was given this book in exchange for an honest review. We always enjoy giving our heart and soul to our reading audience and our book reviews are just part of what we do!  

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