Friday, September 25, 2015

The Ultimate Deception Giveaway!

Title: Ultimate Deception
Series: Harden #2
Author: Lynn Stookes
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Coming: September 25, 2015
In a matter of months, Dani Delaney's world drastically changed. Now, she faces the toughest challenge of her life and is determined to handle it on her own.

Detective Sawyer Woods will do anything to be with Dani, the woman he's dreamed about since he first laid eyes on her, but she'll have nothing to do with him, no matter how much charm he uses.

It isn't until Dani receives threatening messages and criminal activites happen around town that she's forced to accept the help of the one man who can bring her to her knees. Can Sawyer protect the one woman who doesn't want him and convince her to give him a shot? Or can one lie destroy it all?

Once all the clothes are folded, I pick up the basket, taking it to the guest room. I knock, but there’s no response. He must still be in the shower, so I quickly open the door and make a beeline for the bed. I place the basket on the bed. Turning to leave, I stop in my tracks as Sawyer opens the bathroom door, walking out with just a towel wrapped dangerously low around his waist and another towel in his hand, drying his hair. He hasn’t even noticed I’m frozen in place, staring at his ripped six pack abs…no wait, eight pack abs…with a few water drops from his hair dripping down, making me want to follow the trail with my tongue.
The water drop I’ve been following disappears behind the towel hiding an impressive male appendage I’ve dreamt about for several weeks. Hell, since the first night we slept together, I can’t get sex off my mind.
“You keep staring like that, you better be ready to deal with the consequences.”
My head jerks in response. Our eyes meet. The towel drying his hair is now wrapped around his neck as he leans against the door frame with his arms crossed across his chest, looking sexy as sin. I mean, seriously, no man should be allowed to look this good, right?
“What are you doing, Dani?”
“Oh…um…” I stutter. He lifts an eyebrow in question. Why does this man reduce me to a blubbering idiot with just one look? “I was just…um…bringing your clothes back for you.”
He looks at the basket on the bed. “Thank you for that, but that’s not what I meant.”
“What are you talking about then?” I ask, genuinely unsure what he’s questioning.
Sawyer pushes off the wall and stalks towards me. He’s close enough I feel the heat pulsing from his body, but not touching me at all. One slight movement and my body could be flush against every long hard inch of him.
“You know what I’m talking about.” I tilt my head back to meet his stare. He continues as he stares at my lips. “The vibe you’re giving off in spades.”
“What vibe is that?” I ask breathlessly.
“The ‘I need you to fuck me now’ vibe.”
“I…uh…” I lick and bite my bottom lip.
“Fuck it.” His lips crash into mine.

Lynn Stookes was born and raised in the amazing state of Texas, where she currently resides with her husband of five years. They have one rambunctious two year old son and three furry children, who create the chaos she couldn’t live without.

One day, Lynn took her passion (maybe obsession is more apt) for romance books and mystery shows and wrote her first romantic suspense novel, Fatal Obsession, Book 1 in the Harden Series.

When Lynn isn’t writing or working her day job, you can find her reading on her Kindle, spending time with her family and friends, or playing on Facebook. She loves running, coffee, and country music in no particular order.

She's currently working on the next book in the Harden Series.
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