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Finding Acceptance in His Arms! Blog Tour/Giveaway!

Finding Acceptance in His Arms

Thomas Briar

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Date of Publication: 3-26-15

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

After discovering that success in life is hollow if she can't also fulfill her most secret sexual desires, twenty-two year old Kara Gibson is desperate to meet a certain man she's heard about that can help her discreetly explore one of her most titillating fantasies.

Thus, upon instigating a sexual relationship with Evan Lars, a young man in his mid-twenties who is as handsome as he is sexually adventurous, Kara falls desperately in love with Evan from the way he easily accepts all of the unnatural things that turn her on and how he steadily proves he has her best interests at heart. But true love always comes with some sort of sacrifice, doesn't it? And so, as their romantic entanglement hurtles toward its inevitable heartbreaking end, Kara becomes determined to stay with Evan despite the harsh realities of life threatening to steal away her happily ever after.

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Kara moved her hips to the easy rhythm of the dimly lit dance club. From her position in front of the bar she took subtle glances at the other young clubbers along with small sips of strawberry daiquiri. The alcohol did nothing to drown the fluttering of butterflies in her stomach. Chills prickled her skin despite the temperature of the club being only slightly cooler than the hot summer’s evening outside its doors.
For the hundredth time she asked herself if she intended to actually go through with what she’d planned. And the answer, like all the other times before, continued to be yes. She had no choice. This was her last shot at real freedom.
Pertinent points of fact—the red and white striped bustier and red vinyl miniskirt she wore served one purpose and one purpose only. The outfit clung to her body, accentuating her ample breasts, small waist, and voluptuous bubble butt. The white fishnet stockings and five-inch red stilettos weren’t happenstance either. Neither was the fire engine red nail polish, the faux ruby jewelry, the dainty red purse, the perfectly applied makeup, the cloying perfume, the elegant upstyle hairdo, or the absence of any underwear.
I am beautiful and desirable,” she whispered underneath her breath. “My light mocha skin is smooth and without blemish. My curly ebony hair shimmers with vibrancy. My sparkling gray eyes exemplify electricity in motion. He will not be able to resist what I have to offer. He will smile at me and invite me to sit down.”
To lend actual credence to her words, she reminded herself that she’d already rebuffed several cute guys in the fifteen minutes she’d been here. Even so, it worried her that Eva

Edgy and provocative in his erotic writings, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every story he creates. To date, he's garnered eleven publishing contracts with three different publishers and has seven published books in the marketplace.

When he's not writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, taking long walks, and people watching. Yeah, he's always wondering what makes people do the things they do. He knows it's usually something hidden in plain sight. He just has to figure out what it is, much like the motivations of the characters in his stories.

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Finding Acceptance in His Arms

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