Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Release Blast: Son of Cirque

Son of Cirque (SONS Series Book 3)
Author: Kailee Reese Samuels
Release: May 21, 2019
Genre: Dark Romance

Cool. Collected. Crazy.
The dark horse.

The Unholy are the sons of organized crime lords determined to rule the world. With their ruthless brand of vigilante justice, Nick Cristos is the predator.

With a hunger for power and a thirst for blood, Nick is a societal menace when he arrives in a sleepy little Texas town. His reckless and wild ways show promise of something more, but can his new Mistress resist his deviant charm?

Serene wants to reform him, but Nick wants more.

Beneath her manipulative wings, he proves to be a savage weapon in her arsenal. But she never expects her newest asset will fight to save her.

What will Serene do when her biggest secret steps out of the shadows?

Is he just another game piece on the board or will she kneel before a dark horse?

Stay on the edge of your seat in the romance of Serene and Nico as they fight for power, control, and find intimacy in the wreckage of their wrath. With toe-curling appearances from Sal and Jack, find the missing pieces to the questions you have been craving answers for in the third book of the SONS series.

Expect the unexpected in this brash look at the men of The Unholy. Fall for the bad boys in the SONS: Deacon Cruz (Son of Saint), Dom Gennaro (Son of Angel), Nick Cristos (Son of Cirque), and Sal Raniero (Son of Master) as they forge friendships amidst the chaos of their destiny.

Set in Sugargrove at The Farmhouse with lots of kink, violence, and Sami-stylings.

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