Thursday, April 21, 2022

Illusion Release Blitz


Title: Illusion
Series: Masters of Valor #1
Author: Delta James
Genre: Supernatural Fantasy Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2022


From the moment I saw the sword, I knew my life would never be the same. The first time I picked it up it vibrated, hummed, and shocked me. Since then nothing ... until now!

A powerful, real estate developer has been buying up land in the area and wants my business. He refuses to take no for an answer. My bakery, Goody’s Goodies, has been in the family for more than a century, it is the only thing I have left of my grandmother. I will not sell. But his threats are becoming real and people are dying.

I have been searching for the mystery woman I scened with in a club in New York. I knew she was mine but was called away just before she was unmasked. Imagine my surprise when she shows up at the B&B next door to my planned BDSM club, The Refuge. She has drawn the fury of a very old and dangerous shifter.

This is not the first time I have met up with this evil. It is time for the sword to awaken for it is said the sword can kill a dragon.

Can we eliminate him before he turns everything Goody loves to ashes?

Illusion is a spellbinding, paranormal romance If you like magic swords, smart, self-reliant heroines, commanding, attentive heroes, spicy hot romance, and unexpected twists you will love USA Today Best Selling Author Delta James’ wickedly addictive fantasy romance.

Buy Illusion today for a captivating second chance romance in a world where magick and romance intersect.

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“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Doesn’t matter, babe, he’s leaving,” said a deep, rich voice she’d never expected to hear again—well not in any place outside of her dreams.

A strong arm encircled her waist and she dared to look up at him. Oh hell, he was gorgeous. Like seriously, muscled male-model gorgeous, and the arm he had around her was brawny and tanned. His shirt was missing, and its absence revealed a well-sculpted torso including a cut chest and washboard abs that made her have to think to keep from drooling. His arms weren’t the only thing bulging. The top two buttons of his fly were open, and she wasn’t sure the remaining three buttons could contain what she knew to be an impressive cock. Continuing down she got to his bare feet. Good God, even his toes were sexy, and he gave every impression of a man who’d spent the night with her, just rolled out of bed... and wanted to get her back into it.

“You heard me, Dickface, get a move on. Goods and I have things to do—things you weren’t man enough to take care of.”


As a USA Today bestselling romance author, Delta James aims to captivate readers with stories about complex heroines and the dominant alpha males who adore them. For Delta, romance is more than just a love story; it’s a journey with challenges and thrills along the way.

After creating a second chapter for herself that was dramatically different than the first, Delta now resides in Virginia where she relaxes on warm summer evenings with her lovable pack of basset hounds as they watch the birds of prey soaring overhead and the fireflies dancing in the fading light. When not crafting fast-paced tales, she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and white-water rafting.

Her readers mean the world to her, and Delta tries to interact personally to as many messages as she can. If you’d like to chat or discuss books, you can find Delta on Instagram, Facebook, and in her private reader group

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