Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Busting His Brat Release Blitz


Busting His Brat
Christine Paige
Publication date: April 19th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Sometimes attraction is too strong to ignore.

Trapped in her cage as a socialite, Romy just wants her freedom,
but getting caught speeding puts her in danger in more ways than one.
The cop’s attention is magnetic, intense, and positively sinful,
and being at his mercy might be just what her life needs.

When Mike pulls over the pretty girl trying to break the sound barrier, he’s not prepared for her innocence, or just how tempting her vulnerability is.
Everything about her screams off-limits, but what is it they say?

Let it go, and if it comes back…it’s yours?
Well, then she belongs to him and no one else.

Utterly and completely his.

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With how nicely she asked, how can I argue with her request? I drive back into her mouth, kissing her as if she’s my last meal. It’s so easy to enjoy the slick slide of our tongues together with her perfectly large breasts pressed against my chest. I’m in heaven. Her pulse continues to strum under my fingertips as my hand stays on her throat. That spanking really has her juices flowing.

I can’t get enough of my little kitten as she tugs at my hair, moaning into my mouth, pleading for more, begging without words for me not to stop.

“Say it again,” I growl into her mouth and pull away for a moment. She sags into me until our foreheads touch and our breaths mingle.

“More please, Daddy. I need you.” She gasps as I crush her lips in another heated kiss.

I lean in close to her ear after the last kiss, both of us breathing heavily, and whisper in her ear, “I want you, now.” With a low growl, I pick her up and carry her to my king-size bed. The air between us is thick with anticipation as I set her down and cup her face. She is all mine.

Our lips crash together again, tongues melding until we’re lost in each other. My hands run up and down her sides, moving down to cup her ass over her skirt. She whimpers into my mouth when I give her a little squeeze. Paradise.

Author Bio:

Christine Paige grew up in a small town outside of Spokane, Washington, where she lived on a farm, riding her father’s cattle, before she could convince him into purchasing a pony for her. After high school she packed her bags and moved to New York City where she was a nanny for a few years, before landing a job at the American Red Cross, then becoming a Paramedic for the FDNY. Her stepmother introduced her to the love of romance novels. Christine writes in the early morning hours, most of her free time is spent hanging out with her four special needs rescue dogs, or she is out wandering the trails on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Christine considers family, friends, and her critters to be the most important aspect of her life. Gunner’s Girl is Christine’s first novel.

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