Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Amilia Quinn & Rachel Blake
(Doms of Master's Inc., #1)
Publication date: March 1st 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

I should walk away from Montana Soltin content with the knowledge that I saved her from the Theophilus Killer. However, when I discover she’s found solace at the bottom of a bottle, I make her an offer she can’t refuse.

A distraction from her addiction.

As her sobriety buddy, I’m more than happy to use my dominance to entice her submissive nature, but I soon find myself looking at the possibility of a life I never thought I would have the privilege of knowing.

But when Master’s Inc finds information that suggests the Theophilus Killer wasn’t the head of the monster, I can’t help but wonder how safe she really is.

I saved her once so why do I feel such a strong need to do it again?

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“I’m not going to miss this for anything,” Elliot chuckled.

“That was what I was worried about.” Montana took a deep breath and held her hand out for him to go first. “Show me the way.”

It was a much shorter trip down the hall than she’d hoped but Elliot was soon holding his hand out to the open door with a wicked smile.

“You’re enjoying this way too much.” Montana whispered as she stepped into the colorfully decorated office. “Iris, this has to stop.”

“I agree, he’s being an idiot.” Iris agreed, turning her office chair to face the door.

“No, I’m talking about this.” Montana pulled the phallus from her bag and slammed it down on the desk, using the suction cup on the bottom to her advantage. “These need to stop. The first two were, well, good. They did the job, but this one is a little excessive.”

“Worried it will make Chase insecure?” Iris nodded her head. “It will be fine. Hell, if he is any good, he’ll be happy to have the help.”

“Personally, it took more to convince Cricket than it did me.”

Eyes wide, Montana looked to the man that sat in a chair in the corner of the room.

“Hello, I don’t know if you remember, but I’m Merc.” He offered his hand to her.

“Oh my God!” Montana covered her face. “Oh my God!” Turning she looked at Iris. “He can’t be serious! Tell me he doesn’t expect me to shake his hand after presenting a sex toy for all to see.”

“It’s still on display.” Iris pointed to the plastic dick still standing at attention next to her keyboard.

“Fuck!” Montana’s attempt to snatch it up with one hand only made it bob as the suction cup held steady. Laughter sounded around her as she gripped it with both hands and pulled with all her might. When it didn’t budge, she threw her hands in the air and turned on Elliot.

“I didn’t know he was in here. I swear.” Elliot raised his hand in surrender. “It was just a happy coincidence.”

“For you maybe. I just double fisted a dildo.”

Author Bio:

Rachel Blake has been writing since high school, but truthfully never thought it would go any further than a few short stories hidden deep within her laptop. It wasn’t until her family moved away from everything they knew that she started writing stuff worth sharing.

Now, she, her husband, their three kids and plethora of animals live in the south.

When she's not running around like your stereotypical soccer mom (sans the minivan) she is writing the type of stories she has always secretly treasured.

Love stories with a sexy alpha male and a strong submissive female.

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Amilia Quinn lives in a small town in Oklahoma with her husband and their six kiddos. She has three dogs, two cats, and any number of creepy crawlies unfortunate enough to be caught and stuffed in jars by little hands. She spends her days at the salon where she’s a cosmetologist, the baseball/ Softball fields, or the basketball court depending on what time of year it is. When she finds a spare moment she likes to write stories with strong, sassy ladies and their dominant men.
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