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Cosplay Worthy
Quiana Glide
Publication date: March 7th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Can a professional really love his fangirl?

Blerdy (Black + nerdy) fangirl Layla Bennett is excited to meet her favorite comic book writer. She’s looking forward to getting his autograph, shaking his hand, and getting a photo with him while dressed in cosplay. At least that’s how she felt before meeting him and turning to mush under the gaze of his sexy blue eyes. Comic book writer and New York Times best selling author Vic Williams is as sexy as the superheroes he writes about. His affable charm has Layla under his spell, at least until the end of the weekend.

After their convention meet cute Layla goes home with a fun story about meeting her idol, knowing nothing will come from her fangirl blubbering. When Vic connects with Layla online, their friendship quickly evolves into a long distance relationship, complete with anime, ramen, and with comic book store trips with a comic book writer.

Layla is smitten with her real life superhero, but much like comic book lore things aren’t always what they seem. Under the bright lights of the comic con floor hidden truths come to the surface. Through the harsh reality of the fandom world can Layla and Vic find their way back together?

This is a complete standalone romance with a HEA!

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“Putting you out of your misery and replying to the man… anddd done!” she shoved my phone back into my hand.

I stared down at the screen and sure enough she had replied.

Layla: I’d really like that. When are you coming into town?

My breath caught in my throat. Before I could recover my equilibrium, my phone buzzed.

Vic: In about 2 weeks. I’ve got a business meeting. I’ll send you my travel plans, and we can set up a time to meet.

My heart fluttered in my chest. It was happening. I was seeing him again.

“Did he respond?” Alex asked.

“…He said he’ll send me his travel plans and we’ll decide when to meet up.”

“See! Easy peasy.”

I shrugged, “I guess.”

“Oh my god! That’s why you made such a big deal about this! You like him!” Alex pointed a spatula at me.

“No, I don’t!” I shouted, the heat in my cheeks betrayed me.

“Yes, you do! Your voice does this weird ass high pitch wail when you lie. It just did it. You like him! You like him!” she sang.

“Okay, okay… You’re right I like him. I mean but it’s wrong. I shouldn’t like him. I’m a fangirl nothing more.”

“You’re saying fangirl like it’s a damn swear word. What’s wrong with being a fangirl?”

“It’s a geek thing.”

“So normal people like me wouldn’t understand is what you’re saying?” Alex huffed.

“No! That’s not what I meant!”

She rolled her eyes, “What do you mean?”

“I mean like it makes me a total creep. Like what happened with one of my online friends she liked this TV writer she met at a con. They fooled around a few times then word got out and everyone was calling her a star fucker.”

“I hardly call a TV writer a star,” Alex raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged, “A star in the world of conventions.”

“For such outcasts you nerds always be shittin’ on each other.”

“Yep, everyone is terrible always and forever.”

Author Bio:

Quiana Glide considers herself a Jill of all nerdy trades but master of none. Pro wrestling, cartoons, books, and 80s music are her jams. Quiana has had a lifelong love of writing and has been a featured writer in HuffPost and CafeMom. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her charmingly goofy husband and her chaotic toddler daughter.

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