Wednesday, October 6, 2021

COVER REVEAL - Forever Drew


Title: Forever Drew
Series: Broken Point #4
Author: A.K. Steel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Opium House Creatives
Photo: Michelle Lancaster
Release Date: October 22, 2021


I write fairytales, but I certainly don’t live in one.

A long time ago I met my knight in shining armour. The dreamy Drew Walker. Drew showed up in the right place at the right time to free me from my train wreck of a life. I was stripping at a local club, on the run from my ex-boyfriend, a thug for one of Sydney's largest criminal empires.

I fell for him quickly, but the timing wasn't right and tragedy struck, destroying our chances of finding happiness together. We parted ways, and I thought that would be the end.

Five years later, across the busy room of a local bar our eyes lock. He smiles, flashing his cheeky charismatic dimples and it's like no time has passed. Except we're both different now. He has found fame as Australia's sexy bad-boy pro surfer, and I'm just a humble librarian with big dreams of being an author.

Could this be our second chance at happiness together? Or are too many ghosts from the past still haunting us to ever really be able to hold onto the love we have for each other?

Is the past lost to me forever, or could Drew be my happily ever after?

*Content warning: contains elements of violence and sexual abuse.




I take another sip of my coffee and almost spit it straight back out when I see him standing right in front of the window where we’re sitting. Cheeky, dimply grin and all. I cough to stop myself from choking.
"Are you alright?" asks Mia, giving me a concerned look.
I nod my head, turning away from the window. "Yeah, sorry, just went down the wrong way." I try to catch my breath.
"Yeah, or it's because you just spotted that sexy son of a bitch you were with last night." She hits me on the arm.
"No, that's not it." I shake my head, trying to look extra convincing.
"Oh, good, because he’s coming our way." She smirks. She is loving watching me squirm. She knows how terrible I am with guys. "Lucky you look extra hot today in that cute outfit."
I look down at what I'm wearing. Oh, hell no. I'm sitting here in just my fitted shorts and sports top. I was so hot after class I didn't even throw on my jacket. I look around for my zip-up hoody, but I must have left it in the studio. Damn it.
"Jenna," comes his familiar deep voice.
I swivel in my chair to face him. He is as hot as ever in a pale blue T-shirt and faded jeans. How can he make something so simple look so unbelievably gorgeous? "Drew." I offer a small smile. I feel so awkward today. I have lost all my courage now that I'm sober.
He looks between me and Mia. "Sorry, this is a friend of mine, Mia. She owns the dance studio where I teach a class." He raises a brow in my direction and holds out his hand for her to shake.
"Hi, Drew, aren't you just yummy," she says.
Oh, my God, she didn't just say that. I shake my head at her.
"Hi, nice to meet you, Mia." He smiles, removing his hand from her grip. He's being all charming. He knows he's hot. He probably gets that kind of reaction all the time.
I narrow my eyes at her, giving her the signal not to say anything to embarrass me in front of him any further. She is so forward, she and Penny would get on like crazy; glad they’ve never met, that would be all too much. "Mia," I growl at her.
She shrugs it off. "What, he is." She pats the empty seat between us. "You should join us, Drew. Jenna was just telling me all about last night. What are the chances of you running into each other twice in two days? This must be fate. Do you believe in fate, Drew?" She tilts her head, waiting for his response.
I give her a filthy look. Why did she just say that?
He looks uncomfortable, and of course he is. Who wouldn't be right now? I know I am. "Yeah, I'm not sure about fate, but it's pleasantly unexpected," he says, his eyes dropping to me again. The way he looks at me has my lady parts throbbing with desire. I want to taste what he has to offer so badly.
I swallow the lump in my throat. Sure, it must be my turn to talk. I have no idea how long I have been just staring at him, probably with my mouth open, drooling. "I'm sure Drew has better things to do with his afternoon than listen to you jibber jabber on about nonsense."
His eyes roam up my body slowly; he's taking in every inch of me. I'm sure he's probably wondering why I'm half naked, sitting in a coffee shop. Why didn't I bring my jacket? "That's okay, I have nothing on for a bit, I'll just go order. I'd love to hear your opinion on fate, Mia." He walks to the counter and places an order.
I hit Mia on the arm. "Why did you do that to me?" I cry dramatically.
"Oh, come on, you two are adorable. I'm just helping my shy little friend finally get lucky after all these years. You can thank me later."


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I'm a contemporary romance author my novels feature swoony men, twists and turns and always a happily ever after.

I'm a busy mother of three pre-teens, who lives on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I have always been a creative soul, with a background in fashion design, interior decoration, and floristry. I currently run a business as a wedding florist and stylist, but have always had a love for reading romance novels, something about how the story can transport you to another world entirely.

So in 2020 I decided to jot down some of my own ideas for romance stories, always with a happily ever after of course, and from that came my debut novel Always Fraser. From that moment I haven't looked back, writing has become a part of me. I have a long list of stories plotted and I look forward to being able to share all my stories with you soon. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them, xx


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