Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Midlife Gumbo


Title: Midlife Gumbo
Series: Boudin, Barbecue, and Hoodoo #3
Author: Reggi Dupree
Genre: Paranormal Women's Fiction
Tropes: Forbidden Romance, Fated Mates
Sibling's Ex, Grumpy/Violent Sunshine
Cover Design: Moor Book Designs
Release Date: May 2, 2024


When you think life can’t get worse, the universe says: hold my beer.


This forty-five-year-old honey badger shifter is newly single and ready to mingle.

And freaking tired of playing small.

The fantastic news? I’m no longer alone. I have a sister and an entire birth family in Hoodoo, Texas. But with some new unexplainable powers, I may be too big of a freak for even my vampire aunt to accept.

The bad news? The sadistic honey badger clan I fled twenty-five years ago has found me. Someone else is trying to kill me. And if their threats of kidnapping, forced mating, and death weren’t enough…

I’m going into heat. Of course, the only viable candidate to offer a... helping hand is my escort to Texas–a grumpy werewolf who doesn’t even like me.


I’m in San Diego to make the long-lost sister of my former high school sweetheart disappear—by any means possible. Instead, I discover that not only is the sister her identical twin, but my fated mate.

Now, my mission is to get the violent ball of sunshine to Hoodoo, where she’ll become someone else’s problem. That should be easy enough because I’m a wolf with a plane, a plan, and a purpose. What could go wrong?

How about everything?

Midlife Gumbo is the third book in the Boudin, Barbecue, and Hoodoo series. While it’s part of the larger world, this full-length paranormal romance is a stand-alone.

If you love road trips, laughter, and grumpy sunshine stories, then you’ll love Midlife Gumbo. This novel is high in humor and medium in spice and perfect for fans of Darynda Jones, Mandy Roth, and K.F. Breene.







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