Friday, December 1, 2023

Criminals Need Love Too Book Blitz


Criminals Need Love Too
Isabel Jordan
(Adorable Psychos, #1)
Publication date: December 1st 2023
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

You know those love stories that start with adorable meet cutes? Yeah, that didn’t happen here…

Tenley Taylor needed a way out of town that didn’t leave a paper trail. After all, getting caught by the cops with her bag of stolen diamonds would totally suck.

Enter Knox Wilder.

He was the ideal mark. Fresh-out-of-prison. Easy to manipulate.

So, she was fairly surprised when he kidnapped her.

Or did she kidnap him? The way it all went down was kinda blurry.

Anyhoo, Knox needed a bride to claim his inheritance. And helping him—for a fee—seemed like a great idea.

Which is how she ended up in a fake relationship with a grumpy, rudely sexy ex-con who crossed all the boundaries partners in crime should have. Now, everything is messy, because somehow, she managed to break her golden rule.

She started to like her mark.

Unfortunately, he likes her, too. He says he wants to get to know the real Tenley. But that’d be bad, right?

Especially since she’s not even sure she knows who that is anymore…

Criminals Need Love Too is a fun, light, snarky romantic comedy full of witty banter, wacky hijinks, and spicy times. Download today and get ready to fall for a criminal.

Trope map
Morally grey heroine
Ex-con hero
Grumpy sunshine romance
Only one bed
Fake relationship
Forced proximity

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Author Bio:

The normal:

Isabel Jordan writes because it's the only profession that allows her to express her natural sarcasm and not be fired. She is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. Isabel lives in the U.S. with her husband, her son, a neurotic Shepherd mix, and a ginormous Great Dane mix named Jerkface. (Don't feel bad for Jerkface. He really is a jerk.)

The weird:

Now that the normal stuff is out of the way, here's some weird-but-true facts that would never come up in polite conversation. Isabel Jordan:

1. Is terrified of butterflies (don't's a real phobia called lepidopterophobia)

2. Is a lover of all things ironic (hence the butterfly on the original cover of Semi-Charmed)

3. Is obsessed with Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Dog Whisperer.

4. Hates coffee. Drinks a Diet Mountain Dew every morning.

5. Will argue to the death that Pretty in Pink ended all wrong. (Seriously, she ends up with the guy who was embarrassed to be seen with her and not the nice guy who loved her all along? That would never fly in the world of romance novels.)

6. Would eat Mexican food every day, if given the choice.

7. Reads two books a week in varied genres.

8. Refers to her Kindle as "the precious".

9. Thinks puppy breath is one of the best smells in the world.

10. Is a social media idgit. (Her husband had to explain to her what the point of Twitter was. She's still a little fuzzy on what Instagram and Pinterest do.)

11. Kicks ass at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

12. Stole her tagline idea from her son. Her tagline idea was, "Never wrong, not quite right." She liked her son's idea better.

13. Breaks one vacuum cleaner a year because she ignores standard maintenance procedures (Really, you're supposed to empty the canister every time you vacuum? Does that seem excessive to anyone else?)

14. Is still mad at the WB network for cancelling Angel in 2004.

15. Can't find her way from her bed to her bathroom without her glasses, but refused eye surgery, even when someone else offered to pay. (They lost her at "eye flap". Seriously, look it up. Scary stuff.)

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