Tuesday, June 1, 2021

RELEASE BLITZ - For One Chance


Title: For One Chance
Series: The Ryckerdan Trilogy #1
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Genre: Royal/MC Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2021


Windsor - She’s intriguing. Smart, brilliantly beautiful. She knocked me into awareness when I almost bumped into her. Anything but mundane, she’s a biker princess and a special agent trained to solve criminal cases. I guess she’s not the only one knocking the wind right out of me when my life takes an unexpected twist.

Linnette - Handsome. Kind. And let’s not forget those tantalizing abs, making him irresistible after he almost ran into me. A one chance meeting. They say a first impression matters, and with us it definitely did. And of course the first guy who jolted my heart into awareness becomes a case I need to give my full attention to. Can you spell disaster? Because I can, in full detail, when his family brings death to my doorstep.

For One Chance is book one in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.




“I hate to cut this short.” His eyes are showing more regret than the words he offers me.
“No worries.” I dash up from my chair. “I figured as much.”
He reaches for his pocket and I place my hand on his forearm to halt his movements.
“I’ve already paid. Shame you missed the muffin, though. I ate two. Maybe we can meet up some other time.” Fat chance, but still I give him a genuine smile and add, “Thanks for the company. Talk later.”
I try to brush past him but he’s the one wrapping his fingers around my forearm this time. “Why do I get the feeling you’re running?”
“Pretty sure I was walking, not running,” I mutter underneath my breath.
“Join me for dinner tonight?”
My heart skips a beat and even though I badly want to say yes, I need to remind my running mouth it’s a bad idea.
All that stumbles over my lips is a lame, “I don’t know.”
I’m caught by surprise when he suddenly cups the back of my neck and pulls me close, his mouth captures mine in a scorching kiss. My lips tingle with a soft brush before there’s an urgency breaking through and his tongue slides against mine.
My knees almost buckle when his other hand slides around my waist, drawing my body against his. My fingers dig into his shirt to balance myself because I’m drifting away on the sensual attention this man captures my full attention with. All from a mere kiss. My body is quivering and I’m clenching my thighs.
Lost. I’m completely lost and don’t want to be found if I can keep building the intense craving he ignites inside me. But sadly, he breaks our kiss and I’m actually out of breath. My eyes are fixed on his mouth, wondering what’s so freaking special about it because I’m pretty sure it’s unnatural.
I’ve never experienced a kiss like this. Not when my whole body is drawn into it. Mesmerizing and gosh I want more. I need more. Slowly closing the distance while he leans in too, I feel his hot breath scorching my skin but it’s abruptly cut off when he completely steps back.
“I don’t think it’s healthy to kiss you again in public. I might ravish you completely.” His fingers slide through his spiky hair. “And I really have to go. Dinner. I’ll text you later.”
He spins on his heel and leaves me staring at his strong back and magnificent ass while he exits the restaurant.


Releasing June 15


Releasing June 29



Esther E. Schmidt is an USA Today bestselling author who loves to write MC (biker) series, Mafia Romance series, PNR series, contemporary romance series, and more. She's a graphic designer that also loves to write. She released her first series "Areion Fury MC" in October 2015. Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, a dog, and a crazy iguana. She loves to write about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one woman. To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself.


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