Friday, November 30, 2018

Mr. Billionaire CEO Book Blitz #Giveaway!

Mr. Billionaire CEO
Sedona Venez
Publication date: November 28th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
A forbidden, sexy office romance standalone from USA Today Bestselling Author, Sedona Venez.
Jayla is trouble, and she’s just my type of woman.
I was damned when I watched her stroll into the office building her first day of work. In a matter of minutes, she’d shattered my control.
I’ve been obsessed with her bombshell body since that day.
But I’m her boss.
So, my fixation on her is totally inappropriate, especially when she hasn’t shown a bit of sexual interest in me—or so I’d thought…up until recently.
I’m a Dom, and I sense she is a natural submissive, albeit one who seems inexperienced with men. My instincts tell me that the right man can not only bring out her external beauty but awaken her sexually as well.
Now that I’ve set my sights on her, and I’m not going to back down until I get what I want.
And, as everyone in the office knows, I always get what I want.
This standalone is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.
He only smiled and crooked a finger, beckoning me. “Come and sit in my lap.”
I pushed up the hem of my dress before scrambling to obey. He positioned me so I was straddling his lap. His erection pressed right up against my panties, and I whimpered with aching need.
“Uh-uh.” He tightly gripped my hips when I began rubbing myself against him, forcing me to stop. “If you do that, you’re going to come. I didn’t say you could come yet.”
“When will you let me?” I asked breathlessly. “Please, I want to. No, I need to.”
“I know.” He framed my face with his big hands so I was staring up into his eyes. They were darkly seductive with hot promise. His thumb softly stroked my lower lip. “But I haven’t kissed you yet, Jayla. I haven’t tasted that luscious mouth of yours.”
I blinked. “You haven’t.”
I hadn’t dwelled on it, but now that he’d mentioned it, I’d shown him the most private areas of my body, allowed him to touch me, and he’d never even kissed me. My heart pounded as he cradled the back of my head, easing my mouth to his. The kiss was slow, methodical, and scorching hot. He drew my bottom lip into his mouth, sucking softly until my insides were undulating with need.
“So sweet,” he growled against my lips. He eased back, and his eyes searched my face. He gave me one last swipe of his tongue before he bit my lower lip and retreated. “So innocent. Haven’t you been with a man before?”
“Yes, I have, Sir,” I admitted softly, my eyes drifting away from his. “But it’s been a really long time.”
He lifted my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze, which was surprisingly gentle. “Then this will be a night to remember for both of us. I will take great pleasure in your sexual awakening. And I promise you will, too.”

Author Bio:
Sedona Venez is a romance author with a dirty mind. She lives in New York City with her hot ex-military hubby--hooah--and their fur baby. She loves writing sizzling, sexy intricate stories about strong but broken characters who push limits, overcome their fears, and risk it all for love.
You can chat with her on Facebook (, Twitter (@SedonaVenez), and her kick-ass romance website, (
If you're interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, you can join her newsletter list ( and get those details delivered right to your inbox.


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