Friday, August 24, 2018

Educational Disobedience Book Review Tour

In “Educational Disobedience,” educationist, Dr. Annise Mabry, offers a compelling, unique and refreshing insight into how she helps her children overcome the limitations of what she terms “a broken education system,” in the State of Georgia. Her decision to homeschool them were borne largely due to the fact that they were not receiving the best of education, and more because protection from the unending problem of bullying in public schools was lacking. She soon realized that only a crucial intervention could save her family from falling apart, and it was a decision that proved timely because not only did she achieve her objectives, but she also ended up saving her community! She has helped many parents to transform their children from struggling students to homeschool high school graduates!
This isn't the guide for how to homeschool--it's the story of survival because of homeschool. 

My daughter’s spirit broke. She became angry at everything and everyone. She was the victim, yet I was telling her to change her behavior as if she were the perpetrator. Even a simple request such as “Please turn the light off” gave way to a major battle with her. All of the rage that my daughter had bottled up on the inside had to come out somewhere, and I bore the brunt of it.
Overnight, she had transformed me in her mind from her greatest ally to her enemy number one. What I also didn’t realize at the time was that her rage from being bullied was transforming everyone in the house. We were all the victims of these middle school bullies.

I am a strong homeschool mom. But I didn't start out that way. I was blinded by public education. In saying that I trusted each and every inch of the public institutions for our children to be educated at. But after a terrible experience with public education in Michigan I was completely redirected in my life. My journey in self education for my youngsters was one not taken lightly. 

Dr. Mabry the author of this book really focuses in on her journey into homeschooling her children. I love how she describes her trust in public education and how she was completely turned off by it. It is imperative to note that many like her will never be able to navigate outside of the initial framework, of public education. But with this book any one of the typical public education students can pick one up and learn a ton of hard sought information. I will always recommend this particular book to my clients and families leaning towards educating at home. Many questions that one may have concerning homeschooling,will most definitely be answered. Just pick up one of these awesome books and I guarantee, that you will learn something new!

Dr. Annise Mabry is a homeschool mom, radio host, motivational speaker, and online professor. Dr. Mabry's enthusiastic, high quality, content packed speeches and presentations have a down to earth feel that leaves her audiences with the feeling that they have known her forever.

Dr. Mabry is a civic entrepreneur. She is the President of The Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation and the Executive Director of Tiers Free Academy. She witnessed the impact that one person can make in a family's life and her mantra is “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”   Prior to her retirement from the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Mabry was a founding partner of Mabry Investigations, a private detective agency and is currently the owner of the Back2Us Radio Network.

She is a Georgia Certified Peace Officer and E-911 Dispatcher, holds a B.A. in Mass Communications, a post master's certificate in Juvenile Justice, an M.A.Ed in Adult Education, a M.S. in Criminal Justice, a MBA and a Ph.D. in K-12 Teaching and Learning.


  1. Many thanks for this review! I felt so completely vulnerable yet so incredibly free as I wrote this book. I tell people over and over-"It's called HOMESCHOOL for a reason. You don't have to recreate public school at home. This is your time to build your own learning model. And you also have the freedom to modify as you need to."
    I will always remember that conversation with my son's Kindergarten grade Student Support Team (SST) when they told me he couldn't get speech services until at the earliest 2nd grade because we had to exhaust 9 levels of intervention strategies.
    I remember thinking "He can't speak clearly TODAY and while you are working through 9 levels, my child is struggling." But like so many parents, I kept trying to work within the framework of a broken system--one that clearly was not designed to meet the needs of my child.

    1. I truly loved this book! So much of what I learned is actually in this book. I really never liked the online public school either. We did that for a short while as well. But what I found out was that I can homeschool without public school. That to me is what freedom in homeschooling is all about!