Saturday, April 30, 2016

✦✦✦Chase Me is Live, 0.99¢, and in Kindle Unlimited.✦✦✦

"If you think you are ready then grab your keys, get in, buckle up, and hold on because I am a hell of a ride.

Kate Huntington is a tomboy by all definitions of the word. She loves her job; working on classic cars. She has no filter over her mouth saying whatever she thinks, but she guards her heart. Men and alcohol are her vices and her coping skills. She spends one night with both her vices nightly that is until she meets Eddie Wellington. 

Could he be the key to showing her that life lasts more than a single night?

Edward Wellington is a financial officer who would rather be doing anything else. He wants to be outside of the office and helping others with every breath, but college had cost a fortune and he couldn't leave his job till his debt was paid. That is until he finds a set of classic cars on family land. Those very cars will led him to Kate, and might show him that you can protect others anywhere. 

Could she be the one that makes him whole? Could they find happiness together when their lives were brought together because of a lie? 


★★★★★99¢ For Release Weekend★★★★★

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