Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Moonlight Ecstasy Celebration Giveaway (Erotic Romance) #Giveaway!

It has been told that the Moon’s light brings out your inner animal….
Deep within the woods, a young girl named Irada stirs feelings of lust, passion and love within a forester named Logan. He watches out for her safety as there have been several unexplained maulings in the woods close to where her Grandmother lives.
As they get closer he tries his best not to retort to his womanizing ways as he truly likes her more than a one night stand. Irada too has been fighting her feelings towards him as she is afraid of being hurt however she finds herself wanting him more and more until all clothes are finally off and she learns to let herself go but they are both unaware of the voyeur watching them within the woods.
Will the moon’s light awaken more than their sexual urges? Will it bring forth the voyeuristic eyes of a predator deep within the forest?
Irada is caught between lust and love as she’s riding hood until she’s red.

About the Book

Moonlight Ecstasy
by Alex H. Singh
n/a; standalone
Erotic Romance
Publication Date
July 31, 2017
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About Alex H. Singh

Alex is an easy-going & youthful writer devoted to creating the best experiences for his readers by letting his imagination paint a picture step by step which then gets translated into words.
Alex has been writing since the age of 18 & is interested in all genres, especially Horror, Thrillers & Sci-Fi. He hopes that everyone will enjoy his “Nubara” series, “The Second Husband”, “Something Sinister Is In This House” & other novels releasing by next year.
Alex was born & raised in Toronto, Ontario & gets inspired by all the multi culture all around him. He hopes to inspire those who wish to write & publish books of their own.

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