Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Children's Book Review The Trees Have Hearts

Children's Book Review

The Trees Have Hearts

Author: Mrs. D.

     Children in any social setting can be down right mean and hurtful when it comes to language barriers, or any other issues that cause another child to stick out. Too many children today are outcasts from the popular crowd and strive earnestly to fit in. Feeling left out as this story relates is just not fun. Mrs. D. helps her young readers see just how important being inclusive is with other children. Yet she also helps to define happiness without the crowd. Addressing the social aspects of bullying and exclusiveness in children's social settings is an excellent way to write a book.

      We read this book aloud in our homeschool and my family enjoyed it very much. My youngster understood the pain that the main character felt in this book and he was filled with empathy for her. Not only that, but he was amazed with the trees and the wind and how their emotions ran wild at times. This is an excellent story to help children understand the ill effects of bullying. The author empowers her readers to build self esteem in order to persevere on their own, especially if they are defined as different from the core group. We recommend this book to all!

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