Thursday, August 10, 2017

Destiny Awaits 99 cents

The first installment in the Nubara series by Alex H. Singh.

A legend of the past will make itself known in the present…
Soleil Oupary, a young woman apart of a university expedition is about to uncover the find of the century. Her discovery will start a domino effect that will take her from the cold icy air of the arctic to the bustling streets of New York City where she will meet a fiery red head named Esabelle Matthews, a lawyer with no game named Callum Morrissey a young brilliant historian Ashley Boylan & Dr. Christopher Palace Michaels, her Professor’s younger brother. Together they soon discover that the mysterious that caused them all to meet might be predestined as they soon face off with a creature that should not be in existence.
While trying to dodge the attacks of this creature, it slowly leads them down a path into a chamber below the subway tunnels of New York City where they uncover that a once powerful Kingdom created by an Alien King from Nibiris & the Princess of Atlantis has somehow survived deep below the surface as if it was waiting for them….
In the present, a legend from the past will rise.
Destiny Awaits
by Alex H. Singh
Nubara #1
Teen & Young Adult
SciFi & Fantasy
Dystopian Fantasy
Publication Date
August 11, 2015
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The Nubara Series



About Alex H. Singh

Alex is an easy-going & youthful writer devoted to creating the best experiences for his readers by letting his imagination paint a picture step by step which then gets translated into words.
Alex has been writing since the age of 18 & is interested in all genres, especially Horror, Thrillers & Sci-Fi. He hopes that everyone will enjoy his “Nubara” series, “The Second Husband”, “Something Sinister Is In This House” & other novels releasing by next year.
Alex was born & raised in Toronto, Ontario & gets inspired by all the multi culture all around him. He hopes to inspire those who wish to write & publish books of their own.

Alex’s Links

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