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Isle of Savages
T. Briar

Genre: New Adult Action Suspense Thriller

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Date of Publication: June 13, 2017

eBook ISBN: 978-1-77127-926-0
ASIN: B07195LTB8

Number of pages: 220
Word Count: 59,400 words

Cover Artist: Eerilyfair Design

Tagline: Eleven souls are shipwrecked on an island teeming with sub-human cannibals. Who will survive to tell the tale?

On July 20, 20— a charter school’s sponsored sail from San Diego to Hawaii hits a reef during a violent storm. Sixteen souls abandon ship. Nine students, along with the hated captain and first mate, wash up on what they believe is a deserted island.
Separated into three groups by circumstance and mutual distrust, treachery and death lurks for all. Over the course of a single day, one student betrays all the others. Another drowns. Two others get ambushed by a great white shark. And, like falling dominoes, the captain, first mate, and six students fall prey to a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals.

In the face of almost certain death, who will escape from the isle of savages to tell the tale?

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Excerpt #6
Eric proceeded cautiously up the beach, wishing he’d not lost the knives earlier. Tanya still sat in the exact same spot. She seemed to pay his advance no mind. The closer he got to her, the more he sensed that something was wrong. Maybe with her, maybe because of her. He didn’t really know which it was, only that something was very wrong.
For starters, she had a despondent look on her face as she stared at the ground directly in front of her. She was also naked as the day she’d been born, arms hanging limply at her sides to allow a full view of her heavy breasts. The position of her crossed legs presented the sight of her bare pubis. Nothing about her demure posture or physical appearance seemed natural. He couldn’t help remembering that this girl had once been the most flirtatious girl on the cruise.
At a distance of fifteen feet, he called out, “Tanya, look at me.” She didn’t look up or acknowledge him in any way. “Tanya! Look at me and tell me what happened to you. Why are you sitting there naked? What happened to your clothes? Is Gregory and the captain still alive? Start talking, or I’m going back to the raft and leaving you here.”
At this, Tanya looked straight at Eric, a glimmer of recognition dawning. She blinked and tears trickled down her cheeks. She extended arms toward him, opening and closing her fingers like a child signaling they wanted to be picked up.
Eric took another cautious step forward as a chill crept up his spine to raise the short hairs on the back of his neck. He immediately stopped in his tracks, scanning the jungle for signs of danger. He didn’t see any, but couldn’t make his feet take another step forward. Despite his former argument in favor of doing this, he wished he’d stayed in the raft with Mia and Keri and risked everything in open water. But here he stood now, with no other alternative than to see it through.
“Come to me, Tanya,” he instructed. “Stand up and come to me.”
“I can’t.” She sniffled. “Help me, Eric. Please don’t leave me here to die.”
Stifling his fear, he forced stubborn feet to move forward in the soft sand. The moment he reached down for her hands, she lunged forward, wrapping both arms around his legs.
“I’m sorry, Eric!” Tanya muttered as she toppled him over onto his back. “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Always striving for pulse-pounding action, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, and hair-raising thrills, T. Briar’s mainstream thriller writing places courageous heroes and heroines in the fight of their lives against the elements, hostile surroundings, morally bankrupt villains, and any other obstacles T. can think of.

But be warned, once the wheels are set into motion with the first sentence, it’s a twisting, turning journey to the end to see who lives and who dies. And make no mistake, someone’s going to die. Some will even die badly. That’s just the way it is when fighting for survival under perilous conditions. The only question is: Will it be the heroes and heroines, or the villains?

T. Briar’s target audience is New Adults who boldly step up to meet life’s challenges with the confidence of youth urging them on.

Please checkout T. Briar’s page at to find out more about T. and his thriller writings.

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