Friday, February 17, 2017

Secrets: In Wolf Lake by DK Davis Spotlight Tour!

Secrets: In Wolf Lake       
Secret Series
Book 1
DK Davis

Genre: YA, sci-fi, fantasy

Publisher: Books We Love Ltd.   

Date of Publication: 1/1/2017

ISBN: 9781772993899
Kindle: 9781772993905
WEB: 9781772993912
Print: 9781772993929

Number of pages: 120
Word Count: 41,200

Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Secret: In Wolf Lake – Tagline

Samantha discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake; now his life depends on her saving him.

Book Description:

Samantha’s dealing with a lot of emotional blow-back from her mother’s new marriage. Then she discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake, and life suddenly becomes all about keeping his existence a secret, earning his trust. That is until his life depends on her saving him. But she won’t be able to do it alone…

Secret Series – Tagline

A series of secrets, invisible yet glaring, and most include a Supernatural spin, like an unwelcomed sensation sparking every nerve ending.  

Koko’s paddling slowed as we got close to the boat, which now floated in three foot of water. My feet squished into the muddy bottom when I stood and grabbed the boat to stop it from drifting farther. We were in the only section of the lake with a bottom like mucky quicksand. Koko let me scoop him over the side, but both of my feet sank deeper into the mire.
Ever so lightly, something brushed my right ankle. A tingly sensation zinged up my leg at the thought of the strange green creature with those big round black eyes. Goose bumps shuffled down my spine. I splashed at the water while struggling to lift a foot. Something like tiny fingers pressed against both sides of my ankle, lifting that foot out of the muck.
What the—? Little green arms flashed through my mind. Does it have fingers?
A scream ripped out of my mouth as I balanced on one foot, grasping the side of the boat. I wanted to move…needed to move, but all I could do was stare into the water and see nothing through all the stirred up muck.
Dad’s words rushed me like an echo from the past, ‘panic only increases fear,’ but if it were possible with one buried foot, I’d run like a crazy girl through the muck to shore, screaming my head off the whole way.
Maybe the fingers around my ankle were only in my imagination, but the flutters rippling topsy-turvy inside my stomach were real enough. I bent at my knees and with the help of my arms and my one free leg I managed to shift my weight toward the boat. In that same moment, those fingers gripped and pushed against my ankle.
My buried foot broke free and I rocketed into the boat, sprawling in a heap next to Koko.

About the Author:

DK Davis writes YA sci-fi, supernatural, and fantasy with a good dollop of all the relationships woven in between. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

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  1. Hi Ogitchida:) Thanks so much for the special spotlight you posted for Secret: In Wolf Lake. Samantha, Koko, Mike, Lisa...and Umdare (story-stars) and I appreciate you and your time. Great place here:)